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Interested in being an Ambassador?

What is an ambassador?

When Jesus observed that people were “harassed and helpless,” he then asked his disciples to “pray for workers” so that more people could be helped (Matthew 9:36-38). We believe that ambassadors today play an essential role in fulfilling that call for extra workers, to continue to help the harassed and helpless of today.

It doesn’t matter how much spare time you have, being an ambassador will make a difference.

Ambassadors are passionate about our work changing lives. They come from a wide range of backgrounds, and have varying amounts of time available, but all want to make a difference.

Ambassadors represent Mission Direct at events and help to promote our campaigns and fundraising. They give talks in churches, schools and in the wider community, to inspire people to get involved in our mission.

Most importantly, an ambassador is a willing pair of hands. You might not be able to travel around the world, but you can still play a crucial role to change lives.

Please provide your details below if you are interested in more details about being an Ambassador for Mission Direct. We will contact you.

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