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Mickey, now resident at Vision of Hope

Mickey, resident at Vision of Hope – “II grew up living with my uncle. He never used to treat me as a daughter and just used to mistreat me in many ways. He wanted to take me to the village, where I knew I wouldn’t be able to go to school. I would be forced to get married, because that’s what they believe should happen. I was 14 years old and thought: ‘I can’t go there! I just have to run away!’

“I went to my friend’s place and it was very dangerous for me. If you wanted to eat or stay, you would have to sleep with guys for money. I never wanted to do that. I was very scared and young, so I did the only thing I could – I ran away again. I went to another friend and we went to the police. They called my family and the police asked my uncle some questions about why he wanted to remove me to the village, but my uncle lied to appease them. The police also asked if I was going to school – something I hadn’t had the opportunity of for over a year at that point. That’s when they went to the social worker and brought me here, to VoH.

“I’m very happy now! I want to be somebody in life. Vision of Hope has helped me a lot with food, clothes and anything I need. And I get to go to school! I love it!

“I now have ambitions to be a nurse, or perhaps a model – taking pictures and making magazines! Or maybe… I want to be a business lady! The point is I have options and opportunities like never before…”