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A brand new house for Maria and her family

In the photos you’ll see Maria and her family – son Diego (crippled) and her daughters Evelyn and Emily. They moved into a brand new house built by Open Hands in January 2017. Here’s her story:

“I lived for 25 years in a little house (shack) in a poor community, struggling to raise my children. The sink of my kitchen was already on the floor, but I did not have funds to renovate my house. One day I went to church and out of the blue the local pastor gave me a word I was going to be given a house.

“My son has walking difficulties due the problem in his two legs and he used to fall down. We tried so hard to get some help, but had no success. One day some folks arrived at my door offering me to move to a brand new house. I couldn’t believe until the moment I entered in the new house!

“While the team was knocking down my old house I got so scared and cried for I thought: ‘what if all this is not true? Where will I live?’

“Today my life is completely different, much better. My children are grown now, praise God. In this new place I was given the chance to know people I never knew before. The new house also represents a big change in terms of having a proper official address. Before guests were not very keen to visit us, for the place we used to be was located in an area famous by the danger and crime and not a safe place to go. Today we are safe.”