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A New School in Malawi

Trinity School is a new primary school which is being built in the village of Moyo, Malawi, in partnership with Starfish Malawi.   This school is so welcomed in the village as it means that the children no longer have to walk six miles to the nearest primary school at Ngolowindo.

Previously, this six-mile journey was dangerous, especially in the rainy season when the route was at risk of flooding and experienced deep hazardous mud. Once they arrived at the Ngolowindo school they had to bear the cramped environment as 250 children attended each class. Therefore, the headteacher was very supportive of establishing Trinity school to relieve some pressure at his school and enable the children to learn in a better environment.

So far Trinity school has only one classroom block with two classrooms, one for standard 1 and one for standard 2.  The school began teaching children in Sept 2020, but numbers have increased here also due to the popularity of the school.  There are now approximately 120 children in each class.

It is hoped that we can build another two-room classroom block so that the current children can move up to Standards 3 and 4 and a new intake can be enrolled for 1 and 2.

We may struggle to comprehend what being in a classroom with 120 to 250 children would be like. However, the children are so pleased to have a school nearer their homes and the teachers are seeing the benefit it is bringing to them.