Kley Soeun and Bul Van lived in the local slum | Mission Direct

Kley Soeun and Bul Van lived in the local slum

Kley Soeun and Bul Van plus their 2 children lived in the local slum. He was a construction worker earning a mere few dollars a day and Kley stayed at home – unable to work and earn as it was unsafe to leave her children in the shack. Their eldest child couldn’t attend school as it was too far away and they couldn’t afford the fees. It wasn’t much of a home but it was all they had.

One day they were suddenly moved off of the land by a company that had purchased it for redevelopment – they literally had nowhere to go. Pastor Sara had been visiting this community and was called into action. Together with Mission Direct a small piece of land was obtained and a row of small dwellings hastily built. They had a roof over their heads! Mission Direct and Serve Cambodia started further construction – a school, a kitchen and a sewing room, enabling their children to go to school and Kley to start earning an additional income.

However, as the children grew,  the room they lived in became too small. The children had to sleep with some of the other families and life for them was very disruptive. Due to being built so quickly, the houses had no foundations and were beginning to crack and flood during the rainy season. Mission Direct and Serve Cambodia are gradually demolishing these and building sturdy, larger houses. In 2017 Kley Soeun and Bul Van and their family will be reunited and will move into one of these brand new houses!