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Medical team saving lives in Luampa

Every year, we facilitate a small team of volunteers to serve at a mission hospital in Luampa, Zambia.

The hospital, 18km down a dirt track away from the main road, serves a community of over 50,000 people. It has 58 beds and was only recently connected to mains electricity though still has no running water. Our teams spend two weeks each year assisting staff and sharing knowledge and each year, we see miracles happen.

2019 was no exception.

Meet Naomi!

Naomi 6 week old baby at Luampa hospital

Naomi was 6 weeks old when the team came across here at the hospital. Unfortunately her mother died in childbirth and she is now being raised by her mum’s sister.

While working in the hospital the team realised that there was no formula milk available on the premesis for Naomi and as a result she was worryingly underweight and they made the decision to use some project money to fund formula milk until Naomi is weaned. 

In the same two weeks, two midwives from the volunteer team were at the maternity ward when a baby was born who wasn’t breathing. The pair intervened and were able to resuscitate the baby, saving a life!

Luampa Mission Hospital building, Zambia

Finally they were also able to assist the nurse in delivering a breech birth without incident – both mother and baby are well. Praise the Lord!

Trips are never just about the projects we aim to serve – they’re about God using you as His hands and His feet to make an impact!