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Overseas opportunities

There are many reasons that people choose to join our staff team; for some, this is a clear call from God; for others they simply want to help to make a difference, have more of an experience or extend their time on mission. Whatever the reason, you can be sure that your time serving on team with us will change you as you help to change the life of others.

What others have said

“As a paediatric nurse I have a busy and demanding job. But, I’ve always wanted to do something extra and something that is completely different to my day job at the Children’s Hospital. Having been on a couple of 2-week trips with Mission Direct I felt confident to step up as a team leader and am able to use my team-building skills and people-skills to help lead teams overseas. "I have made new friends among volunteers from all different ages and backgrounds and helped to build lasting relationships with our local partners overseas. But, more importantly, by supporting volunteers and serving people in need I have discovered more about who I am and what God’s plan is for me.”

Gladys Ogwudire (paediatric nurse)

"Having visited Sierra Leone several times, on mission trips with my church, the country and its people hold a special place in my heart. My daughter and I have been doing trips with Mission Direct since was 9 years old and we the chance to express God’s love to people who are living in really tough circumstances. "We have both gained an incredible understanding of God’s love for his people and how we can be part of His family. "Seven years on, with several mission trips under my belt, I now have the confidence and necessary experience to lead teams of volunteers to Sierra Leone, Cambodia and other destinations."

Kat Morling (Church Administrator and Finance Officer)

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Details about working overseas

What you will be doing

As a voluntary member of staff you will help to lead teams of volunteers on 2-week trips. The main focus is to help build classrooms, clinics and houses. This results in positive, sustainable, life-changing outcomes for the vulnerable people we serve in each of the 10 countries we operate within. We work alongside local partners (often a church or Christian organisation) and we employ local builders to oversee the construction of classrooms, clinics and houses.

Typical tasks including booking hotels, arranging meals, liaising with local builders and carrying out local health & safety risk assessments. You will be with the volunteer team during the two week trip – including meeting them at the airport overseas. You will also be expected to attend the pre-trip orientation meeting and volunteer reunion. If you are a team-leader you will produce a one-page report of your trip overseas.

How much time-off you will get

All of our 2- week trips include one or two (sometimes three) days of Rest & Relaxation. This might be chilling out on the beach, or a safari, or sight-seeing in the local city. If you are leading more than one trip you will have the opportunity to travel independently, in between trips, to explore the country.

Who you will be leading

Our volunteers come from all walks of life (most are between age 20 and 75). Some are Christians, some are not. But all of our volunteers have a heart to serve others. The majority of our volunteers are ordinary people with no building expertise.

Many of our volunteers have been coming on our 2-week trips year after year and know what to expect, but you may be leading many who are experiencing mission for the first time. You could be leading a team of individuals who don’t know each other, a team of different family groups, a church or a corporate group, or a mix of everything!

Length of commitment

The shortest commitment is 2-weeks. But, if you are able to commit to 6-7 weeks you will integrate more closely with local people that you are supporting and become immersed in their culture and their community. You will also see a tangible improvement on the ground – where it matters most.

How much it will cost

As a leader you will make a contribution of 80% of the actual cost involved. So if you are able to go for six weeks there is only one air ticket required – and that is also at 80% of the actual cost involved. Your contribution covers all costs including international flight from the UK, comprehensive insurance, excursions, R&R trips, entry vis, all food and accommodation and as much bottled water as you can you drink. Many of our staff team are supported by people at home for their overseas, or fundraise prior to their time abroad to cover their costs – either way, if God wills it, He will provide and we have seen evidence of this time after time.

The benefits to you include:

  • Receiving leadership training
  • Meeting new people and making lasting relationships
  • Self-development and the opportunity to stretch yourself and your thinking
  • Learning new skills e.g. budgeting and people-management
  • Project-management experience
  • Stepping outside your comfort zone
  • Preparing for an emergency
  • Discovering who are you and what God’s plan is for you

What kind of people are we looking for?

We recognise that everyone is different – with different skills and experiences. Our number one requirement is that our overseas staff must be practicing Christians. Other useful skills and experience would include:

  • Ability to relate to people from all walks of life
  • Experience of managing projects or people
  • Creative, enthusiastic lead by example
  • Overseas experience
  • Flexible approach to changing circumstances
  • Budget-management
  • Respectful of others’ ideas and style or working
  • Able to travel for a minimum of 2 weeks, ideally 6-7 weeks

Most importantly, you’ll have a heart for the vulnerable and will passionate about using your skills to make a difference in the world. You’ll be a self-starter with a heart for serving those in need. You’ll have experience of managing overseas campaigns or projects as well as previous people management responsibility. All our UK and overseas staff subscribe to Mission Direct’s Christian beliefs.

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If you would like to discuss how you could step up to the next level and help to lead teams of like-minded people, get in touch with our Regional Manager, Simone Olagoke

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