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88 happy nursery-school children in Rushararazi

2018 was an exciting year as we moved our main project 25 miles of Rukungiri in Uganda to a small, rural village called Rushararazi. Continued crop failures caused by ongoing drought make daily life here very difficult. People are hungry and water is in dire shortage. Children walk 1-2km to school most without shoes and the village school is in desperate need of repair and extension. 

It took just six months in 2018 to successfully build three nursery classrooms at Rushararazi Primary School, located at the edge of the African Rift Valley in Uganda. 88 children who were previously all schooling in this dilapidated wooden structure together, are so excited to be entering their new classrooms in February – both shown in the before/after pic below. The Headteacher reports receiving many new enquiries from parents wanting their children to come to school in Rushararazi!

2019 vision

Country Manager, Simon Morgan says, “We want everyone at Rushararazi Primary School to feel valued. Because of the remote location of the school, teachers have to live on-site. The current buildings shown below which are used for teacher accommodation are constructed from mud. They’re barely fit for purpose and teachers don’t remain at the school simply because of these poor living conditions. We want teachers to be happy and fully motivated.”

Mud buildings which serve as teachers' accommodation in Rushararazi, Uganda  Current toilet block for teachers at Rushararazi school in Uganda

Therefore, plans are underway to build a block of five houses for teachers, each house consisting of a main living room, a bedroom and a small store. A separate toilet block and bathing area is also proposed, as is a 30,000 litre water tank. We also hope to provide a 30,000 litre water tank at the school and a 40,000 litre tank at the church, which will serve the whole community. 

Simon urgently needs staff and volunteers to help realise this dream. Can you help? Contact us for more info.

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