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Be someone significant!

If you’re feeling unsettled and in need of a change, with that subconscious prompting to do something to make a difference in this world – read on.

Our overseas vacancies for 2019 have just been published online and give you the opportunity to take some time out* to help run and lead our teams of volunteers. Depending on the country and project, these could range from 1 month to 4, with each volunteer team running for 2 weeks at a time. Many of our overseas staff are retired, take a sabbatical, utilise their gap year, combine annual leave or come out supported by their community or church. 

Being a staff team member or Country Manager enables you to extend the impact you can have over joining a 2-week trip. You’ll build relationships with our partners and the local community that will stay with you forever – and they will never forget you! You will be the representatives for Mission Direct out in country, acting as the first point of call for partners and volunteers alike. You’ll organise the teams and their logistics, lead them to the project each day (where you’ll get stuck in too!), coordinate the afternoon visits in the community and then accompany the team for the few days of R&R at the end (e.g. on safari, to the beach, seeing the historical sites etc depending on your country!). 

But your job on team doesn’t start and end in country. You’ll be integral in preparing the campaign and project, liaising with our partners out in country and will help fill up the teams. 

Our staff teams are the ones that enable us to do the work we do. Without them, it simply wouldn’t work. Have a look at our vacancies and get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Go on. Change your life – and theirs. Do something amazing today. 

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