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Celebrating Education in Rukungiri

The smile on little Moses’s face says it all. After five years of building, Kitazigurukwa School is complete, giving disabled children in Rukungiri access to full-time education. The school represents the only dedicated special needs school outside of the capital city, Kampala and our final team to travel here in November 2016 put the final touches to the last dormitory.

In those five years, with the help of wonderful volunteers like you, we’ve constructed two new purpose-built classrooms with toilet facilities and two classrooms converted from storerooms, two new purpose-built dormitories and two dorms which were converted from mainstream classrooms as well as a 30,000 litre rainwater harvesting system!

Children like Moses had little or no access to schooling, unable to travel to Kampala to the specialist schools and unable to walk the distance to the existing school here in Rukungiri. Now, with the completion of Kitaz, these marvellous children can now reside in the dorms and have access to full-time education – something that will transform their future entirely.


  1. This is such wonderful news. The children deserve such wonderful facilities. All those in involved in bringing the school to completion will be blessed by God. We can only imagine what a transformation this will make in the life of the children attending the school.

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