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From dirt floors to dormitories

This small school just outside of Narok, Kenya is the only school in the region with a special needs unit attached. Run by Sister Clemencia, a nun who has dedicated her life to helping disabled children here (often marginalised by society) to gain an education.

Often unable to make the journey to school each day, children with physical conditions were sleeping at Nkapilili school in metal shacks with mud floors. They were cold, often wet, unsecure and cramped – with teachers also having to sleep in the same place. Children here were using a muddy puddle as the only water supply, with the nearest river an hour’s ride away by donkey.

In 2015, Mission Direct partnered with Sister Clementia to provide safe, warm accommodation at Nkapilili that would enable disabled children to access schooling. The project launched in 2016 to build the dormitories and the campaign for the year ended with celebrations of completion and a new toilet block, which was funded by the generosity of some of our volunteers.

Sister Clemencia now has around 60 children at the school, increasing steadily being the only school of its kind in the region.

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