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Food crisis in Kumi, Uganda

The crop in Kumi has failed and this is having a huge impact on the community – especially those already living below the breadline in marginalised areas. People are starving and there isn’t enough food to go around.

The Mission Direct team in Kumi are doing an amazing job, feeding about 100 of the neediest families per week. Donations from friends and our brilliant supporters have managed to provide food parcels to many families so far, but the need continues and is likely to be with us until at least June.

The crisis is also having other impacts now. No money from selling surplus food also means that there’s no money to pay school fees and many children in the community aren’t going to school now as a result.

Can you help by raising funds to send to this community? Perhaps run a fundraiser at school/work or do a special whip-round at church?

You can read more about the situation in Kumi on our country staff blog and can donate here, using reference ‘Kumi food crisis’.

Thank you for any support you can offer and God bless you.Bags of donated food in Kumi Uganda

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