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Lunch is served in the Dominican Republic

In 2019, three volunteer teams helped to build and paint new classrooms for the village schools in Mozovi and Severet. In Mozovi, this meant that children could go to school on a full-time basis instead of attending in shifts as they were previously having to. Not only that, but a Canadian NGO saw the work going on and offered to fund an additional classroom for the school – taking the total up to five, which enables a school in the DR to be recognised and receive funding for teachers.

In Severet, which previously had two classrooms to accommodate all primary school years, the school now has four and is able to separate school years more effectively for age-specific education.

In 2020, we had planned to continue to work in both villages in order to provide the children with a kitchen and dinner room so they could receive a meal at school; which helps children from families struggling to buy food to have at least one meal a day, brings more children to school and increases concentration – which has a direct result on achievement. 

But! Great news! Lunches are now been provided at both Severet and Mozovi school after events overtook us and we were notified that both schools are now been supplied with lunches!

For our two 2020 teams, this means that whilst you will still visit both schools during your two-week mission trip, we’re working to secure a new exciting main project for you! Watch this space!

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