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Meet our new Chief Executive

Mission Direct is delighted to welcome a new Chief Executive. Alan McCormick takes over the role from the charity’s founder Nigel Hyde, next month. It is something of a change of direction for Alan; his previous job was as the Managing Director of Lockheed Martin, Ampthill.

“I hadn’t been planning to move into the charitable sector to be honest.” explains Alan “I first heard about Mission Direct and the Chief Executive vacancy while I was talking to a friend at the Lord Mayor’s Fireworks in London. She mentioned the job again, while I was working at my local food bank – I could feel myself being gently nudged by God to apply.”

Alan is being prepared for the role by visiting three of our overseas projects; Rukungiri and Kumi in Uganda as well as Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where he helped to build new accommodation for families living in a shack over monsoon flood waters.

“These visits have been an eye-opening experience for me; in a few weeks, I have seen terrible poverty at first hand, but I have also seen how our overseas partners are working to turn people’s lives around and give them fresh hope. As I work with the rest of the Mission Direct team to expand our impact, I will be thinking of all the people I have met and how we can do more for them.”

Nigel Hyde remains a trustee and dedicated supporter of Mission Direct. He is establishing “Home Leone” a project aiming to build 1,000 low-cost homes to rescue people from the slums of Sierra Leone. You can read all about the launch of Home Leone soon.

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