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New ‘Debrief’ format a huge success

Earlier this month, the MD team launched the first in the new format of ‘debrief’ events for volunteers returning from their 2-week mission.

Following volunteer feedback last year, we recognised that the debrief format was too formal, consisting of presentations and talks in seminar style to bring the teams back together and help them readjust to life in the UK. The new format – renamed as ‘Reunion’ was designed for that sole purpose – to reunite the teams in a more social way which focused on relationship.

Gathering for an initial cuppa, the teams then gathered in the main hall for a slightly later start of 11am. A brief welcome and thank you from CEO was followed by a hot lunch, prepared and served by MD staff.

Volunteers were seated with their team and country staff, breaking bread for an hour and a half whilst enjoying the Jenga icebreakers, shack building competition, treats and trip photos which adorned the tables – as well as live ‘background’ music. During dessert, the MD office team showed short videos to present the impact and progress of the teams and celebrate their achievements. 

This was followed by a few notices and, of course, the announcement of the shack-building competition winner!

‘I have been to 7 de-brief meetings in the past and thought that the new format for Saturday’s was a breath of fresh air and very worth the 200 mile round trip. David Boreham, volunteer at the 4th May Reunion

The event was such a great day and we thank you for your feedback, which has helped make this day a highlight of the year so far! Don’t miss the next one on 16 November if you’re on a team this summer/autumn! 


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