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Prayers for Malawi floods

Please join us in praying for those affected by the Malawi floods.

Malawi has been in our news recently as, along with Mozambique, it has been seriously hit by ongoing flooding, storms and cyclones.

The southern half of Malawi has been declared a disaster area. Over 212,000 people are displaced, 178 dead and over 150 still missing. Whole villages have been washed away, as have crops and livestock. Roads and bridges have also gone in some areas. The home towns of some of our builders are among the places named as worst hit.

The immediate concern is the threat of waterborne diseases and the resulting food shortages. The food problem will be a long term issue as the majority of Malawians are subsistence farmers who will have relied on this season’s harvest to feed their families for the coming year. It will be April next year before they can harvest their next crop.

To add to that problem, most foreign aid was withdrawn again in Oct/Nov, and the Kwacha devalued, making prices much higher, so for all those already living in severe poverty, the cost of buying food to feed their family for a whole year could be completely beyond their means.

This year more than ever before, it is important that we help our friends in Malawi.  Our team is going out in August to continue building the school we have been working on. Please, if you can spare us two weeks, come and join us.

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