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Why the ‘debrief’ day is becoming something new

For many years, the Mission Direct Debrief Day, which is included in your contribution, has been run as a whole day event for teams to come back together and share photos and memories with each other and the other teams from the last six months.

Although these days are an important part of your mission experience, including advice on reverse culture and readapting to life once you return, attendee numbers at these events had started to decline.

Last year, we surveyed a proportion of you to find out why and you gave us some really good, constructive feedback. Mainly, that these days needed to be more about you and your team reuniting.

So, our debrief days are going to be rebranded into ‘Reunions’ and from May this year, these events will take on new life.

Running for only 3 – 3.5 hours on a Saturday, your reunion will be a social event, geared towards your team coming back together and sharing a yummy hot, seated lunch where you can truly reunite and chat about your experience and life since being home.

Much of the important info from these days will be communicated to you via email much sooner after you return from your trip, though staff present at the Reunion day will be able to answer any questions you may have.

We’d love to keep hearing your thoughts on this, so pop us an email if you’d like to input or share.

Thanks for helping us to improve! 

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