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School facing eviction in Zambia

After supporting the build of a new facility for the Vision of Hope girls’ safe house in Lusaka as our main project for many years, our campaigns now focus on building and renovating facilities for schools in the deprived compounds in and around the city.

New school building at Good Shepherd School in Zambia
Progress on the new classroom at Good Shepherd School in Lusaka.

So far this year, two volunteer teams have travelled to Zambia; Team 1 laid foundations for a new classroom at Good Shepherd School and completed the internal decorating of new rooms at Kumbaya School, whilst team 2 helped to build the external walls at Good Shepherd as well as painting at Crown of Life School. Both teams, as well as many before them, also visited Cry Community School which is situated in Misis Compound teaching around three hundred vulnerable children in one incredibly impoverished classroom. Many have been affected by the joy and hopeful outlook of staff and pupils and it is one of the afternoon visits that tends to stick with our Zambia volunteers. 

Cry Community School classroom with children sitting at desks
Children at Cry Community School

For the last 12 years the school has rented a building in the compound and has just been notified that they will no longer be able to use the building. Please pray for the school – for the teachers and 300 children – that a new premises can be found quickly and their hope will not be diminished by this. We pray they are blessed in abundance!

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