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Spreading good news in Kumi

Though building is the central focus of the majority of our missions, the afternoon visits play an important second role and have just as much impact – on the locals as well as our volunteers. In October 2016 in Kumi, God was at work through a team of volunteers visiting a local prison…

“Arriving at Kumi Prison, I did not know what to expect. Perhaps we would have a few songs of worship. The prisoners would be kept separate; it may be a little intimidating. The outcome completely surprised me and exceeded all expectations.

We were warmly greeted by the guards and also by the prisoners with a few welcome songs. We introduced ourselves one by one to the inmates. They seemed genuinely interested in what we said. Simon one of the UK Pastors, spoke briefly on the parable of the lost sheep, which everyone engaged in and got us all laughing. The atmosphere was very relaxed, there was no hint of intimidation or danger. I forgot I was in prison and we had the opportunity to share our testimonies.

Our time ended with a prayer, worship songs and seven prisoners giving their lives to the Lord!

Before leaving, a lot of prisoners came up to us and shook our hands, thanking us for the visit. I thanked them in return for what they had given me and done for us.”

A week or so later, bibles were handed out to inmates here, including the prisoners who had given their lives to Jesus. Fantastic!


  1. What inspiring news from Kumi. We are always blessed by what we hear back in Downend from Richard & Jan too.

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