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Summer campaigns update

Take a look at the progress of some of our other campaigns so far this summer:

Kenya – Nairobi

A small team of volunteers helped us to complete and close our campaign in Nairobi where we have been working with a partner in Korogocho slum to help build Emmaus School some new facilities. The slums around Nairobi contain over half of the city’s population. Korogocho slum comprises seven communities called villages – all squeezed into one square mile and the school is situated in a slum next to one of the world’s largest rubbish tips. The school had recently been renovated, but still had significant need with nursery children in a hot tin shack with a mud floor. Our last team here has been helping to build the nursery children a fit-for-purpose classroom. 

Volunteers helping to build a new classroom for nursery children in Korogocho slum, Nairobi.
Volunteers helping to build a new classroom for nursery children in Korogocho slum, Nairobi.

Kenya – Narok

Our first team of the year worked at Nkapilili School to bring our campaign here to a close. Over the years, our teams of volunteers have worked to help build classrooms and dormitories here for disabled children – who couldn’t otherwise travel to school to receive an education. The school has succeeded in integrating disabled children into mainstream education – the first in the area to do so.

volunteers with children and the community at Nkapilili School in Narok Kenya
Volunteers with some of the children at Nkapilili School in Narok


Dominican Republic

Team 1 made a great start to the new classrooms for a school in Severet Village, which currently only has 2 classrooms to serve all primary school years. We all know that education is the key to change and that is especially important for small, remote villages like Severet where opportunities of employment are fewer and travel to larger towns and cities more challenging. Team 2 are currently out there, helping to complete the work – making this a 4-classroom school!

Classroom build at Severet Village in the Dominican Republic
Team 1 made great progress on the new classroom block in Severet Village, Dominican Republic


Uganda – Kumi

Team 1 made a start on the new classroom block at Kumi Bazaar School where Mission Direct have been working for the last few years. In 2016, the school had 898 pupils in seven classrooms with enrolment in 2019 being over 1,100. Class sizes burst at the seams and new facilities are desperately needed as more children seek the gift of education. Team 2 are currently out in country continuing the great work of T1. 

Volunteers helping local builders in Kumi Uganda to build a new classroom blocl
All of our trips are based on working in partnership with local communities, because together we can!

Uganda – Rukungiri

Two teams so far this summer have served the comunity of Rusharazi, where we helped to build three new classrooms last year. Team 1 spent their time building the pit latrines toilet block (primarily bricklaying) whilst team 2 were mainly teachers working alongside the local teachers at Rushararazi. The building group were bricklaying a new bathing area.

The village is remote and isolated and has suffered severe drought and crop failure in recent years, so our teams will also be working to help provide rain-water harvesting towers to serve the whole community – one of which has already been installed thanks to a generous donation.


Volunteers helping with bricklaying at Rushararazi school Uganda
Helping with the bricklaying at Rushararazi school in Uganda

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