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Volunteers build and hand over new classrooms in Zambia

As one school has extra facilities opened by our final building team of 2019, another sees theirs dismantled. 

It is always Mission Direct’s objective to complete a building within a campaign, so it can be brought into use as quickly as possible. So, our overseas staff and our fourth and final building team of 2019 were delighted to be able to handover two new classrooms (built with the help of Mission Direct volunteer teams) to Good Shepherd School on 21 September – with the upper primary pupils, their parents and school and church representatives in attendance. The school plans to start secondary classes soon and the extra space will enable them to separate the crowded primary school classes too. Team 4 also helped to complete the painting of new classrooms at Crown of Life School, which are now ready to use!

Classroom handover with a ribbon cutting in Zambia

For team 4, the classroom handover was bittersweet after being introduced to Cry Community School in another compound; In 2002, God gave Agness Sachitengi a dream to provide education for the children in her community of Misisi compound. She soon found herself heading up Cry Community School, which over the years has provided a primary education for thousands of disadvantaged children. So, it must be heart-breaking for Agness and her son Nathan (the G7 teacher) to see the rented hall, which has been home to the school for the past 12 years, being dismantled after it has been condemned by the local council. In the short-term, the school will soon move into two small adjacent rooms, meeting in shifts to accommodate the number of pupils, whilst they search fro a more permanent solution. We hope to be able to support Cry Community School and are keeping them in our prayers as we stand alongside them during this time. 

You can also read about the year’s Footprints team, where the team experienced the joy of six street children were reintegrated into family homes, as well as the tragedy of the reality of life on the streets. 

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