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Why You Should Go on a Mission Trip: What’s Their Purpose?

The term ‘missionary’ refers to someone of the Christian faith travelling to other parts of the world, to spread the word of God and show His ways through the good deeds performed in His name.

Mission trips are a lot more relaxed these days when it comes to the religious element, however, their goals and values usually stay true to the history.

Volunteer mission trips in the 21st century are shorter, with more emphasis on undertaking a long term commitment to uplifting communities. Modern mission projects are executed in a shorter time frame and use practical methods to improve the living standards of the affected communities.

What’s the purpose of a mission trip?

Many mission trips focus on building projects – such as housing, schools or clinics where volunteers work to introduce vital infrastructure to people who may never had access to them before. Other mission trips could focus on social issues and ways to resolve them, such as our partnership with 25Zero, where we tackle the issue of Ugandan girls missing school because of their period.

However, the true focus of any mission trip is to spread love and compassion to those you encounter. Sometimes, that may be as simple as really listening to the everyday problems people have to endure and reminding them of the undying love God has for them.

Whether you’re a seasoned volunteer, or you’re considering taking your first mission trip, we’d like to share some of the reasons this is truly a meaningful way for you to make a lifelong impact on many, many people.

Why should you go on a mission trip?

Most mission trips are run as Christian organisations, but factoring out religion entirely, the Samaritan aspect is the real driving force behind our two-week volunteer trips. A mission trip (whether abroad or local) is a great way to meet new friends and make lifelong connections, with people who hold the same values and morals as you. It’s also a wonderful chance to expand local networks of volunteers who you can call on if you ever find a local community that needs your help.

Women, children and the elderly are some of the most vulnerable and susceptible members of any community, more so in areas affected by disease and a sever lack of government funding. Volunteering on a mission trip that focuses on building infrastructure – such as hospitals, clinics and schools helps to uplift these people, and future generations.

Whether it’s through providing young girls with an education they would otherwise not have received – thus empowering them to uplift themselves out of the poverty cycle – or providing a safe and clean clinic to women where they can have access to life saving medicines that, before, may never have been available – your participation will always have far reaching impact that may well change the lives of others forever.

While a two-week mission trip may seem like a very short time out of your life, you should know that the difference a team of dedicated Christian volunteers can make in that time truly is life changing for so many people. The sense of belonging the beneficiaries will feel, the improved living standards they will have and the knowledge that you were part of making that change is a feeling to be cherished for the rest of your life.

During your two-week trip, you’ll get to experience some down time where you have the opportunity to visit historical sites, and really get to know your host country and the struggles they have faced before. This richness in knowledge is something you won’t soon forget. Our mission trips span the world, so whether you want to help people in Sierra Leone to rebuild the SAIO school after the devastation of Ebola and the Regent Mudslide, or you’re more inclined to want to visit Brazil where the mission trips focus on uplifting the thousands of people living in slums or favelas, you really can see the world and make it a trip to remember.

Aside from the generosity, kindness and faith-based lessons you’re bound to impart on your fellow volunteers and future friends, there’s no doubt that a mission trip will open your eyes to the privilege of a house to call a home, a school to send your children to and food to eat every day.

There’s so much more to a mission trip than meets the eye. Read our testimonial impact stories for first-hand accounts of how Mission Direct’s charity mission trips have made impactful differences to volunteers and beneficiaries alike.

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