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25Zero Project

One of our Trustees, Ian Richardson, and his wife started 25Zero…

In June 2015 I visited Rukungiri, Uganda to fulfill a lifelong dream to visit Uganda to meet the people there and see if I could offer a little help. We hear it all the time, “Africa gets under your skin”, and that was certainly true for me.

In June 2016 my wife, Nicole visit the same region, supporting the same projects and from that point on we’ve been seeking a way to support and love the incredible people of Uganda.

Uganda is a stunning country, with a wonderful people. But the needs are staggering. One of the most heartbreaking situations Nicole faced was to discover that many, many girls are missing up to 25% of their education because of their periods.

Every month they are sent home from school because they’re seen as ‘unclean’. Very often they won’t even go because they know they’ll get sent home.

It seemed such a waste and so unfair. But it also seemed to be something that was entirely fixable. Nicole tells the story of how we got to where we are much better than I ever could, but what became clear is that this situation is happening all over the world.

The Solution
We can’t fix this for every single girl in the world, not straight away anyway, but we can start with the beautiful girls of Rukungiri.

We have investigated a range of options and we’ve settled on two products that are sustainable, cost-effective and simple to use.

1/ Honour Your Flow
The Honour Your Flow Charity Pad is discreet and immensely practical and the pack can last a girl up to ten years. This is the preferred option for girls who need to ensure they have an intact hymen for cultural reasons.

2/ Mooncup
Where the cultural implications of using an internal product aren’t an issue, Mooncups are the preferred option and can last 10 years plus.

Our mission is to provide the right product for every girl in Rukungiri, Uganda as effectively, quickly and sustainably as possible.

Get Involved
A donation of £25 will provide one girl with everything they need including the appropriate product, training and support.

Why not partner with us either as a school or an individual to support girls in completing their education

You can donate to 25 Zero here