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Mission Direct partners in Kenya

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Main Partners

Emmaus School

Our main partner is the Emmaus School Nairobi. This is located in Korogocho, a slum on the edge of the one of the largest rubbish tips in the world. We aim to build additional classrooms for the school, the current nursery classroom is a tin shack.

Many of the children’s families work on the tip in order to earn money. The school has 360 children and is run by a lovely headteacher who really has the needs of the children on his heart. The school has received recent improvements from a charity in Luxembourg but is still in need of additional classrooms.

Sister Clemencia

Sister Clemencia is a Franciscan nun who has dedicated her life to helping disabled children who are often marginalised by society. She was given some land and started a small mainstream school with a special needs unit attached. The disabled children board at the school, but dorms were extremely basic (metal sheets and mud floors). Her vision was to build a school which will meet the needs of the disabled children, offering them warmth and security and a place where they can learn. Teachers had to sleep in the same dorms as the children, resulting in a high turnover of teachers due to this.

She currently has around 30 children at the school, however this will increase as this will be the only disabled school in the region. The school also doesn’t have nearby clean water access – river is 1 hour walk away with donkey! They currently use a muddy puddle.



Other partners

Pastor Robert’s Street Boys

The street boys will capture your hearts – join in with helping to feed them. Listen to their stories and offer support. Pastor Robert has taking into his home a number of street boys, who live a difficult life in Narok. If a woman remarries, her boys are often kicked out as they are seen as a threat to the new husband. In Narok there are up to 50 boys living on the streets. Pastor Robert with support from Mission Direct volunteers has started to take in these boys and provide food and support and in 2017 we aim to build them a home to call their own.

Mission with a Vision

This is run by Patrick and Josephine and is a home for 52 girls who have been rescued from FGM and forced early marriage. Mission Direct has supported the build of additional rooms, painting existing rooms and constructing some farm buildings.

Maasai Church and the Jesus Film

During our time in Narok, we support the service at a Maasai church, joining the local Maasai community as we worship God together. We also hope to support the showing of the Jesus film at one of these churches.

Bomet Hostel

Polio is still rife in this area of Africa and many children have this debilitating disease that results in lifelong physical disabilities. They are unable to stay at home to be educated as they cannot walk the 5-7km often needed to reach the nearest school. Also they are a burden to their families as they are not able to till the crops, collect water or work in the family business. This Catholic hostel provides both a home and education for these children who often have no learning difficulties and deserve the same chance in life as their able-bodied friends. We visit to play, encourage and have fun with the children and occasionally support refurbishment here when needed.

CMF Community Health Partners at St. Peter’s

This community clinic trains healthcare workers to help with those living with HIV/AIDS, providing home-based care to those who are too sick to attend the clinic for medication, education and support. We join the team of volunteers – most of whom are HIV themselves – on their home visits and help show the love of God in action to the neediest in the community. We also visit an HIV support group, where we provide encouragement from the bible or with personal testimonies.

St Peter’s also hosts a travelling clinic for children with disabilities, and it may be possible for volunteers to attend one of these if they are interested in this field.