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Mission Direct partners in Uganda – Rukungiri

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Main Partner

Rushararazi Primary/Pre-Primary School

In an area which sits just above the ‘African Rift Valley’, approximately 1 hour’s drive out of Rukungiri town lies this rural and desperately poor region of Bwambara. It is here where the church-based, government run Rushararazi Primary School sits.

Due to severe drought, the harvests have failed for many seasons in succession, water and money are scarce and most children have no shoes and many of their clothes have holes. It’s such a poor region that children pay no more than £5 for school fees per term. Some pay even less. Currently, three nursery classes huddle together in a single wooden structure. Sometimes, they are taught under a tree.  Not only will these children begin to enjoy learning in the right setting, but these classrooms are going to be a beacon of hope for future generations to come.

This is the main project for 2018 where we’ll be building 3 new nursery classrooms as well as renovating current school structures to replace poor facilities. We also aim to construct a water tower that will harvest 30,000 litres of rainwater to supply the school.



Other projects

Chilli Children Trust

Run by Evas – a remarkable woman – and her team, the Chilli Children Trust is a unique Christian charity working to improve the lives of thousands of children in Uganda, Africa.

Chilli Children Trust supports the North Kigezi Diocese Growers, Orphans and Disabled Children’s Project based in Rukungiri. Regular surveys are carried out in remote areas to identify disabled children and provide them with access to surgery, life skills, medical outreach, and education.

The name ‘Chilli Children’ was given because families whose children are registered with the project are taught to grow chilli which gives them a means of self-reliance. This is made possible through the generosity of our supporters who kindly donate, fundraise, volunteer or visit the project.

Mosaic Vision Ministries

With a purpose to restore the childhoods of children who have been adversely affected by circumstances such as natural disaster, disease, famine, war, abuse or any other condition that causes children to suffer, this project is currently working in Uganda to serve children who have been orphaned or abandoned as a result of AIDS and/or malaria.

By partnering care-givers who have lost spouses to HIV/AIDs and orphans, Mosaic creates care homes, transforming lives and changing futures.

Mother’s Union

The Mothers Union Vocational Training Centre (MU) caters for teenage girls who either cannot afford to progress to secondary school or aren’t sufficiently qualified. The MU offers courses in subjects such as tailoring, homemaking and secretarial skills so that the girls can support themselves and their families in the future. Since 2010, Mission Direct teams have worked to renovate a neglected building to provide additional and improved sleeping facilities at the unit for thirty teenage girls and continue to visit and support this fantastic outreach.