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Your contribution includes a UK Orientation Day before your trip as well as a UK Reunion – previously known as the debrief.

The UK Reunion is a lunch event which gives you the opportunity as a mission team to all meet up and come back together for one afternoon a short time after your trip.

We’re passionate about these events because, in our experience, once you’ve been on mission it helps to talk about it when trying to readjust to life back home. And no one understands what you’re going through more than the team you went with and the staff that ran it. 

How they run

These events usually run on a Saturday in Luton from approximately 12-3pm and will include teams that have been on trips all over the world in the last few months. You’ll be greeted by both country staff that led your mission and UK office staff before being seated in your individual teams for a hot lunch where you can reunite and reminisce, complete with some musical entertainment. 

We’ll give the room a brief showcase of the impact all teams present had as well as any updates from your project and the charity as a whole. 

After the event, there will be a small craft fair where you can pick up some products from some of our countries as well as local sellers. 

It’ll mean so much to your other team members for you to be there – so please try to attend!