Our Strategy & Approach | Mission Direct

How we work

Our approach

Mission Direct's approach is simple, focused and effective.


We build relationships with local partners to ensure a long-term and sustainable commitment.


We take relays of volunteer teams to work in vulnerable locations, linking them to local building projects and outreach projects that impact communities.


We ask volunteers to give an indicated contribution that ensures all costs of the trip are covered and to gift aid that donation wherever possible


Many of our volunteers raise over and above their required contribution plus gift aid to further support our cause. 100% of this extra contribution goes directly to the project they are travelling to work with.

Our strategy

“Improved lives for thousands of people who live in material and spiritual poverty. Life-challenge and change to the volunteers who make this happen.”

We engage the UK population who want to make a difference in the world, with the Christian principles of love and practical help. We offer a direct means by which individuals and groups can build sustainable relationships in a distant culture and leave peoples’ futures forever improved.

Mission Direct will go deeper in the communities it serves and focus on only those places where sufficient volunteers and resource can sustainably be delivered.