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In 2016

We are so thankful for the amazing volunteers and supporters who have contributed to such amazing results during this last year. Here are some incredible stats…


Volunteers served on mission trips


Mission Direct trips in 11 countries


Teachers working with local schools


Medical professionals helping improve care

Bringing change...


Children given a classroom for their education


People provided with shelter and new homes


People helped by new care facilities

Planned outcomes for 2017

  • New home for street boys (Kenya), new kitchen & common room for street girls (Zambia)
  • Physiotherapy Room for a community of disabled children (Rukungiri, Uganda)
  • Vital beach clinic to serve an isolated and marginalised community (Sierra Leone)
  • Build 7 classrooms, giving further access to education for vulnerable children (Kumi, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Malawi, Rio)
  • Build 8 houses (Brazil, Cambodia, India)
  • Renovate 6 homes (Moldova)
  • Provide training for 110 teachers (Cambodia, Sierra Leone) and 60 medics (Cambodia, India, Zambia) and install 70 computers (Zambia, Zimbabwe)