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Cambodia Phnom Penh

Out of the Delta and into a home

On the edge of the contaminated Mekong River Delta in Cambodia there is a small pocket of land, rife with disease and poverty, which ‘houses’ thousands of families. We’ve been supporting Cambodian Pastor Sara Sansy to help build somewhere safe for these people to call home as well as supporting community outreach in and around Phnom Penh.


Please note that the trip dates may vary a day either way due to flight availability.


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Trip Dates

  • 26 Oct – 09 Nov 2019
  • 16 Nov – 30 Nov 2019
  • 18 Jan – 01 Feb 2020
  • 08 Feb – 22 Feb 2020
  • 29 Feb – 14 Mar 2020
  • 05 Apr – 19 Apr 2020
  • 16 Jan – 30 Jan 2021
  • 06 Feb – 20 Feb 2021
  • 27 Feb – 13 Mar 2021
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The Projects

Packed along the edge of the Mekong Delta in Phnom Penh are hundreds of shacks, providing shelter to families who struggle day-to-day to make a living and feed their children. The nearby rubbish tips – which scar the horizon, stretching for miles – are their only source of income, where they root through waste with toxic fumes to find things to sell. Many children die here – either from the fumes, polluted water surrounding them or the huge trucks who pay no mind to them.

Mission Direct and Pastor Sara’s Fellowship of Hope have built three villages, removing families from the dumps on the Delta. For a few hours each morning, you will be helping professional local builders to build a home for a vulnerable family, allowing Sara to call more people into a place of safety.

In the afternoons you will visit and help at a number of community and outreach projects in the area, for example: Hair-washing children in a nit clinic, helping a social enterprise for rescued former sex workers, and visiting the school previously built by Mission Direct for the children who used to work on the rubbish dumps.

NB. Team 1 includes the medical team - see here for more info.

Rest and Relaxation

As well as watching the sunrise over the ancient Angkor Wat Temple (a breath-taking sight!) you’ll also explore some of Cambodia’s solemn history with an optional visit to the Killing Fields and the notorious Tuol Sleng prison.

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Country Information

Phnom Penh the capital of Cambodia

The time zone is GMT +7 hours

Local language of Khmer, although English is spoken widely

Up to 35°C and humid in Mar-Apr

The flight is approximately 12 hours. Plus 1 hour connecting flight

The Impact So Far

The teams in Cambodia Phnom Penh have been doing an incredible job.
Here are a few of the most recent stories and stats from the projects...


new villages of homes, helping families move away from the dump


schools built incl. a floating school


bamboo houses built saving ten families from the dump

Trip Dates

Cambodia 2019 – Team 5

26 Oct - 09 Nov 2019


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Cambodia 2019 – Team 6

16 Nov - 30 Nov 2019

No spaces available

Cambodia Phnom Penh 2020 – Team 1 (incl. Medical)

18 Jan - 01 Feb 2020


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Cambodia Phnom Penh 2020 – Team 2

08 Feb - 22 Feb 2020


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Cambodia Phnom Penh 2020 – Team 3

29 Feb - 14 Mar 2020


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*NEW DATE* Cambodia Phnom Penh 2020 – Team 4

05 Apr - 19 Apr 2020


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Cambodia Phnom Penh 2021 – Team 1

16 Jan - 30 Jan 2021


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Cambodia Phnom Penh 2021 – Team 2

06 Feb - 20 Feb 2021


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Cambodia Phnom Penh 2021 – Team 3

27 Feb - 13 Mar 2021


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Orientation and Reunion days

Orientation days and reunion days are included to help you get the most from your trip.

Orientation Day

02 Nov 2019

Reunion Day

16 May 2020

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