Kenya Narok

Room for the girls

Sister Clemencia is a Franciscan nun who has dedicated her life to helping disabled children who are often marginalised by society. She was given some land and started a small mainstream school with a special needs unit attached. The disabled children board at the school as many can’t manage the journey to walk there, but dorms were extremely basic (metal sheets and mud floors). Her vision was to build a school which will meet the needs of the disabled children, offering them warmth and security and a place where they can learn. Teachers had to sleep in the same dorms as the children, resulting in a high turnover of teachers due to this.

She currently has around 30 children at the school, however this will increase as this will be the only disabled school in the region. Mission Direct have worked with Sister Clemencia for a few years now to build facilities that will help these children get to – and stay in – school. In 2016, Mission Direct teams completed the new dormitory and toilet block after previously supporting the dig of the community well. Volunteers have also helped to get a water tank installed at the school, have built a cowshed and concreted floors. This year we will be building a dormitory for girls, enabling them to have full-time access to education. 


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Trip Dates

  • 02 Mar – 16 Mar 2019
  • 27 Jul – 10 Aug 2019
  • 17 Aug – 31 Aug 2019
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The Projects

Mornings:  Work with the locals at Nkapilili to help build a dormitory for girls.

Afternoon: Support community projects, such as a refuge for girls escaping FGM.


Rest and Relaxation

We can’t take you to Kenya without going on safari – and not just any safari! Visit the Maasai Mara game park – one of the finest in the world – and experience awe-inspiring wildlife.

There’s also the chance to get close (but not too close!) to the hippos on a boat trip.

Country Information

Narok is in the South West of Kenya in the heart of Maasai land in the Great Rift Valley.

The time Zone is GMT +3 hours

The local language is Maa and some English

Up to 27°C in Mar-Sep

The Flight is approximately 8.5 hours.

The Impact So Far

The teams in Kenya Narok have been doing an incredible job.
Here are a few of the most recent stories and stats from the projects...


Dormitories for disabled children built


mattresses delivered to girl's refuge


classrooms built

Trip Dates

Kenya 2019 (Narok) – Team 1

02 Mar - 16 Mar 2019


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Kenya 2019 (Narok) – Team 2

27 Jul - 10 Aug 2019


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Kenya 2019 (Narok) – Team 3

17 Aug - 31 Aug 2019


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Orientation Day

05 Jan 2019

08 Jun 2019

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