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Uganda Kumi

Making room for Kumi’s orphans

Kumi in Eastern Uganda will give you a taste of the ‘real Africa’. The colours are bright, the welcomes are big, the wildlife is jaw-dropping and the scenery is breath-taking. However, underneath that traditional view, the need is significant.


Please note that the trip dates may vary a day either way due to flight availability.


Building Project   /   Rural Town   /   Schools and Clinics   /   Suitable for all ages

Trip Dates

  • 13 Aug – 27 Aug 2019
  • 28 Sep – 12 Oct 2019
  • 04 Apr – 18 Apr 2020
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The Projects

Like most of Africa Uganda has a young population which is growing fast. Almost half of Kumi is under 15 and are all desperate for education. Schools here are bursting at the seams and are in need of additional classrooms.

Mornings: You will either be building new school facilities or renovating existing ones. We have helped to build 9 11 new classrooms at various schools in Kumi's vulnerable communities, as well as refurbish others. We have also built 2 latrine blocks, 4 teacher's homes, refurbished dormitories, built and re-roofed many traditional homes in remote villages as well as providing a fence for the COHAD (children's home) site with other repair works. in 2018/19 you will be helping to build classrooms at Kumi Bazaar School - see team pages for more info. 

Afternoon: Support local community projects – including the experience of building a traditional Ugandan village home with a family.

Rest and Relaxation

As well as visiting a coffee plantation, you will enjoy a safari and witness the spectacular Sipi Falls. Our words cannot describe the magnificent view over this beautiful land.

Country Information

Kumi is an Eastern district of Uganda

The time Zone is GMT +3 hours

Several local languages and English

Up to 27°C in Jul-Sep

The Flight is approximately 8.5 hours

The Impact So Far

The teams in Uganda Kumi have been doing an incredible job.
Here are a few of the most recent stories and stats from the projects...


new classrooms for community schools


new traditional straw houses renovated


new homes for teachers

Trip Dates

Kumi 2019 – Team 3

13 Aug - 27 Aug 2019

No spaces available

Kumi 2019 – Team 4

28 Sep - 12 Oct 2019


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Kumi 2020 – Team 1

04 Apr - 18 Apr 2020


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Kumi 2020 – Team 2

25 Jul - 08 Aug 2020

No spaces available

Kumi 2020 – Team 3

15 Aug - 29 Aug 2020


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Kumi 2020 – Team 4

05 Sep - 19 Sep 2020


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You only have to give a £150 deposit to your trip contribution upfront.
The contributions listed are a reduced amount, based on the assumption that Gift Aid will be declared.

Orientation and Reunion days

Orientation days and reunion days are included to help you get the most from your trip.

Orientation Day

25 Jan 2020

25 Apr 2020

Reunion Day

16 Nov 2019

14 Nov 2020