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Every child deserves an education

Rukungiri, South West Uganda

To describe the district of Rukungiri in south west Uganda is to picture a beautiful land of rolling green hills, of eucalyptus trees and banana plantations, tropical birds, and a warm breeze. To describe Rukungiri is to describe its people. Whilst they have very little compared to us, they are welcoming, kind, considerate, encouraging and God-filled lovely people.

Your visit will transform people’s lives here in Uganda. And once you’ve visited Uganda as a two-week volunteer, you will not return home the same person. God seems to do something very special in people like you as you come to serve and make friends with the people of Uganda. There is no better reason to come to Rukungiri with us.

Please note that the trip dates may vary a day either way due to flight availability.


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Mission Trip Dates

The Projects

Main Project

2023 marked a new chapter for Mission Direct in Rukungiri as we relocated to a new project in a new location at Nyakagyeme Secondary School which currently serves 550 children of whom about half are girls and about half of those are boarders.

Every child deserves an education. Every child in Uganda values education above everything else, as each one knows that their future is determined by whether or not they remain at school! Unfortunately, the news is not good. Over 25% of children drop out of secondary school for a host of reasons. Primarily, poverty is the main cause. However, other factors are also significant, whether they be individual, family, school or community related.

In 2023 we built a wash block for the girl boarders, who often drop out of school at puberty, and taught them how to make reusable sanitary pads.

In 2024 we will be continuing our work to help boarders at Nyakagyeme School, by completing a wash block for boys.

In 2025 we will begin a two-year project to improve boarding facilities by building an extra dormitory which will alleviate over-crowding and may free up one of the classrooms which is currently being used as a dormitory

We will be building something that is really needed by our partners at Nyakagyeme School. Those of you who would like to try your hand at bricklaying, plastering or painting are very welcome. No prior experience is required, as we will be working alongside an experienced local team of builders.

Rest and Relaxation

A day trip to Kisiizi Falls with its waterfall, zip wire, visitor centre and wildlife. We will also head for Mburo National in search of more amazing wildlife!

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Country Information

Rukungiri is a South Western district of Uganda

The time Zone is GMT +3 hours

Local language of Runyankole, although English is widely spoken

Average of 28°C in Jul-Dec

The Flight is approximately 11 hours.

The Impact So Far

The teams in Uganda Rukungiri have been doing an incredible job.
Here are a few of the most recent stories and stats from the projects...


classrooms for various community schools


Dormitories at Kitazigurukwa School


Rehabilitation centre for children with special needs

Mission Trip Dates

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