Uganda Rukungiri

Providing a road to recovery

Many disabled children and their families struggle to access treatment or rehabilitation for their conditions. We’re teaming up with the Chilli Children Trust in Rukungiri to bring hope and support to them and their families.


Please note that the trip dates may vary a day either way due to flight availability.


Building Project   /   Rural Town   /   Suitable for all ages

Trip Dates

  • 23 Jun – 08 Jul 2018
  • 14 Jul – 29 Jul 2018
  • 04 Aug – 19 Aug 2018
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The Projects

Mornings:  You will be supporting the Chilli Children Project to help build a Rehabilitation and Community Centre, where disabled children can go to receive the care and facilities they so deserve - giving them a place where they know they are valued and loved.


You'll spend time visiting and supporting local community projects including:

  • Mosaic Vision Ministries, faithfully supporting ‘child headed families’;
  • Mothers Union Vocational Training Unit, crafting new skills in the lives of young girls;
  • The Chilli Children Project, improving lives of the disabled.

Rest and Relaxation

Journey on the stunning Kazinga Channel - which links the two lakes - on a relaxing boat trip that will showcase some of Uganda’s most iconic wildlife – expect unforgettable birdlife, water buffalo, hippos and elephants.

Country Information

Rukungiri is a South Western district of Uganda

The time Zone is GMT +3 hours

Local language of Runyankole, although English is widely spoken

Average of 25°C in Jul-Dec

The Flight is approximately 11 hours.

The Impact So Far

The teams in Uganda Rukungiri have been doing an incredible job.
Here are a few of the most recent stories and stats from the projects...


classrooms at dedicated special needs school

Final dorm at Kitazigurukwa School completed

School built and children moved in

Trip Dates

Uganda Rukungiri 2018 – Team 1

23 Jun - 08 Jul 2018


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Uganda Rukungiri 2018 – Team 2 (Teaching and Building)

14 Jul - 29 Jul 2018


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Uganda Rukungiri 2018 – Team 3

04 Aug - 19 Aug 2018


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Uganda Rukungiri 2018 – Team 4

22 Sep - 07 Oct 2018


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Uganda Rukungiri 2018 – Team 5

13 Oct - 28 Oct 2018


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Uganda Rukungiri 2018 – Team 6 (Medical and Chilli Children)

03 Nov - 18 Nov 2018


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You only have to give a £150 deposit to your trip contribution upfront.
The contributions listed are a reduced amount, based on the assumption that Gift Aid will be declared.

Orientation and Debrief days

Orientation days and debrief days are included to help you get the most from your trip.

Orientation Day

12 May 2018

15 Sep 2018

Debrief Day

17 Nov 2018