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Expanding our work in Cambodia

2020 is a year of beginnings and endings; With our project in Korogocho, Kenya finishing in 2019 and our current Brazil locations completing within 2020 and the launch of The Gambia in late 2019.

But, something you’re going to want to look out for is a new project location in Cambodia which will expand our mission in the country and add to our ongoing work in Phnom Penh. In February 2020, we will be sending our first mission team to a very remote village, 10km from the Thai border to support a community of 300 people living in one of the poorest regions of the country. 

No too far from the town of Sisophon, this village population is nestled among paddy fields where they grow their own food. When the rice fields dry up after the monsoon the men of the village travel to Thailand to work in sugar plantations before returning several months later to work in the paddy fields in their own village. The village has no water supply, other than a pond which the cows also use for water.  There is no electricity, no solar panels, no roads. The community is completely isolated and incredibly vulnerable. They feel forgotten by the world.

Despite its remoteness, the village has a makeshift school – a metal shack with mud floors, not fit-for-purpose during the monsoon rains – and a resident school teacher who has been able to teach all the children in the community to read and write in their Khmer language. The children are also learning English, which is incredible! 

The local authority has allocated land in the village for a school to help them get out of the poverty trap.

Strengthening our partnership with Serve Cambodia, we will assist the build of a two-classroom school and help to provide a clean water supply for the village.

This trip is raw, gritty and not suitable for anyone who doesn’t want to roll their sleeves up and get stuck in. The majority of people in this community have never met anyone outside of their village.

Will you join a team and help show this community that they aren’t forgotten, but that they are loved – by Jesus and by people like us in the world. 

Visit the country page for dates and more info.


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