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Thank you for your prayers

Thank you for joining us in prayer. With our Father in heaven, all things are possible.

We would not be as effective in the work we do without your prayers; thank you for joining with us in this way. Please continue to pray for our work, our volunteers and those we are working with.

“We can do great things after we pray, but we cannot do great things until we pray – Let us pray!”

Current prayer points

  • URGENT prayer need
    These are challenging times for Zambians. With food prices already high due to the poor harvest and high fuel costs, they are now being hit with power cuts of up to 20 hours a day. Over 80% of the power in Zambia is generated by hydro-electric, mostly at the Kariba Dam on the Zambia – Zimbabwe border. The rains this year were very poor and consequently the level in the lake is low. There will not be appreciable rains till November at the earliest, so the water is being severely rationed.
    At Chamba Valley this means long periods without power – sometimes coming on for just a few hours in the middle of the night and no water too as the pumps cannot operate. We are looking at actions to mitigate the impact on our teams, but we are dealing with an unprecedented situation this year.

    Jesus’ teaching on prayer

    One day Jesus was praying in a certain place. When he finished, one of his disciples said to him, ‘Lord, teach us to pray, just as John taught his disciples.’
    He said to them, ‘When you pray, say:
    hallowed be your name,
    your kingdom come.
    Give us each day our daily bread.
    Forgive us our sins,
    for we also forgive everyone who sins against us.
    And lead us not into temptation.”’

    At Mission Direct we long to see God's Kingdom come. We want everyone to receive their daily bread and to have all that they need. We pray for equality, unity and harmony; for fairness across the world.

    As a staff team we meet weekly for devotions. We pray for each other, for the charity and for our partners and projects and would love to pray for you also. If you have any prayer requests, please email them to and we will be delighted to pray for you.

    Thank you for faithfully praying with us.
    God Bless you

  • Zambia

    • Alison, Mark and Geoff are travelling to Zambia now to prepare for this year's campaign. Please pray for good health, safe travelling and helpful conversations with our Partners as they prepare for the first team to arrive in a few weeks.
    • We pray for the volunteers planning to come to Zambia this year, that their preparation and fundraising are going well.
    • We pray especially for the school team who are travelling this summer. Please pray for each of the young people that they will enjoy the trip and be impacted greatly b what they do and see.

  • Rukungiri, Uganda
    • Following the decision not to make any trips to Rukungiri in 2024, pray for the completion of the boy's washroom at Nyakagyeme Secondary School, that will be undertaken by local builders.
    • As plans are made for 2025 trips, please pray that next year there will be sufficient volunteers to make two teams viable. In particular that several people will sign up within the next few months as an encouragement.
    • In 2025, a major project is planned to build a new dormitory for Nyakagyeme School which is desperately needed (see photo) but will require significant funds. Pray that these funds will be raised and that the necessary permissions will be obtained..
    • Give thanks for all the work that has been accomplished in Rukungiri over the last 20 years and for all the volunteers and staff team members who have been blessed through their visits.
    • Pray for project partners like Chilli Children, Mosaic Vision, Our Father's House and Kizizi Diocese in the valuable work that they do all year round to help children and family in physical, financial and spiritual need.

  • Cambodia

    We give thanks for the repairs to the roof and the raising of the floors and door frames at Tarsha’s Legacy Centre school which MD have recently funded ($6,200), praise God.

    The students helped move the furniture out of their classrooms!

    We are grateful to those who have funded these repairs to prevent the roof leaking and to prevent flood water rising up through the floors during the wet season.

  • Narok, Kenya

    • For Mission With A Mission and Pastor Patrick. After 20 years of rescuing girls from forced marriages and FGM, they're facing a tough season. Give thanks for offers of support that have been received and pray that all those promises will be fulfilled enabling MWAV to continue their fantastic work.
    • For this year's teams to be full of volunteers ready to fulfill our final year of a 3 year building programme with MWAV and working with Fountain of life as they support street children and vulnerable women. There is still time for volunteers to sign up and we pray for more to come forward

  • Kumi, Uganda

    Please pray
    • For volunteers to sign up for the Kumi Express Team in November and funds to complete the construction of classrooms at Kumi Primary School.
    • For progress with PAG and other partners to develop an environmental tree planting proposal that addresses local climate issues and develops income generation such as bee keeping and briquette making which helps to prevent deforestation.
    • For the continued progress of the St Albans Chicken Project. For the training, distribution and for the benefits of income generation to start accruing as the year progresses. We see school fees paid, medical bills met and nutritional improvements.
    • For the work at Kumi Health Centre to refurbish the old outpatients unit and facilitate the improvement of maternity services. Pray for fundraising for the second phase of the work.
    • For the recovery of our friend Francis from injuries sustained in a motorbike accident.
    • For Joseph, who is disabled, for whom we will be building a new home in July. May this help to lift him and his family

  • Malawi

    Please pray

    For the staff team and volunteers as they prepare and for their safe arrival in country.
    Giving thanks for the bricks which have been made by the women of the village.
    For the family and friends of the vice-President, Saulos Chilima and the 9 other crew and passengers who have died in a plane crash whilst travelling to a funeral this week. Pray also for the country of Malawi, the President and Government at this time of mourning and sorrow.

  • Dominican Republic

    We are so thankful to God that the project will go ahead despite the challenges of not having a team this year.

    Please pray that everything comes together smoothly and that our social media activity also generates interest for next year's teams.

    Please also pray for a suitable project for 2025 to be confirmed from a list of possible projects.

    Continue to pray for The Dunwell family as they follow God's calling to live in the DR

  • New Booking Platform!

    • We are really grateful to God for the successful launch of a new booking platform which makes booking and payment much easier for all volunteers..
    • Please give thanks that we have received bookings already which is a wonderful encouragement.
    • Pray that anyone who was put off by issues and challenges they may have experienced previously will try this new system and that more and more volunteers will book for this year and next

  • Do More in 2024

    We want to Do More in 2024 and part of what we want more of is prayer, we want more people to commit to pray regularly for Mission Direct, the Mission Direct Family in the UK and Overseas and for the Projects God has given us to complete. Will you join us and will you share our prayer updates with your family, friends, groups and church? Will you keep praying with us?

    We also want to reach more people and bring change in more communities, that all costs money will you pray with us for God to bless our work with the finances that we need?

    We also want to pray for MORE VOLUNTEERS to GO and to fundraise for the projects, please join us in asking God to stir the hearts of those He wants to join a trip next year. Please prayerfully consider whether you will join a team in 2024.

    Please pray that everything we do will continue to have Jesus at the centre.

  • Our volunteers:
    We thank God for all the teams that have travelled this year s far and those still preparing to travelr. Pray with us for all our volunteers who have returned from trips that their experiences will be positive, inspirational and motivational; that they will be moved to tell their story and inspire others.

    WE NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS. Please pray for God to inspire people to book a trip with us, so that together we can complete vital projects which will impact our partners and our volunteers. Please ask God for opportunities to share about our work with those you meet, with your family, with your church.

  • Finances:

    Rising costs both here and overseas, including flight costs, mean that we need to make up a significant shortfall in our finances. We thank God that we have made significant progress already and are so grateful for the sacrificial giving of individuals and for God's blessing with unexpected income.
    Please pray for an increase in one-off and also in regular donations to enable us to continue serving others who are in much greater need than we are.
    Finances are being squeezed both here in the UK and for our partners overseas, we have been astounded by God's provision and people's generosity and we pray confidently that God will continue to sustain us.

  • 20th Anniversary Year:

    This year sees us celebrating 20 years of Mission Direct. We want to celebrate all that has been done, remember all the people who have been involved over the years, fundraise for projects and core costs and look forward to the next 20 years encouraging others to join us.
    Pray for the planned celebration taking place in November, pray that God will bless all the activities and that He would be at the centre of our plans.

    We thank God for every life which has been impacted by Mission Direct in 20 years, beneficiaries, partners, supporters, volunteers and staff

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