Thank you for your prayers

We would not be as effective in the work we do without your prayers; thank you for joining with us in this way. Please continue to pray for our work, our volunteers and those we are working with.

“We can do great things after we pray, but we cannot do great things until we pray – Let us pray!”

Current prayer points

  • Please give thanks for the successful recruitment of our new CEO, Wil Horwood, who joins us next month from Hope Worldwide, UK. Please cover Wil and his family in prayer during this transition and ask for the Holy Spirit to guide all of us within Mission Direct for 2019.

  • Staff teams: Please give thanks for all of our overseas staff who served last year and for those going out this year.

    We still need staff for some of our overseas campaigns - please ask for God to intervene and stir people's hearts for this calling. Without staff teams, the campaigns can't run and projects don't progress, so the recruitment of these gaps is vital for campaigns in 2019 and beyond.

    We're also recruiting for two roles in the UK office; An additional full-time Volunteer Manager, and an additional full-time Regional Manager. Prayer over this process would be welcomed.

  • Funding: Thanksgiving for grants secured for Zambia and Zimbabwe - God is so good! Please also pray for the funding of all other projects - some of which are critically low - Molvoda, Runkungiri, DR and Kenya.

  • Impact: Give thanks for the incredible impact made in 2018 world-wide; God was so faithful despite lower volunteer numbers than hoped.

  • Please pray for all the campaigns as they start up again, especially the spring campaigns:

    Brazil: This year will complete the current campaigns in Brazil:

    Campo Largo: This will be our 12th and final year of building transitional homes for vulnerable families currently living in the favela with our partner, Open Hands.

    Rio: Our 3rd year will see us fulfil the commitment made to our partner, Cadi, of helping to renovate a space into a community centre which will be used to educate children, young people and adults with the aim of preventing them from being lured into gang life and drug trafficking.

    Please give thanks for the impact that has been made in both locations and for this to be a standout year as the campaigns come to an end and new projects are confirmed. 

    Kumi (Uganda): Prayer of thanks for Richard and Jan, who have served as country staff here for many years. Prayer for the teams due to go and for success of the project, building classrooms at Kumi Bazaar School, as it continues.

    Zimbabwe: Prayer for the ongoing political stability of the country as well as the economic situation. Prayer of thanksgiving for funds that have come in for Joshua Dhube School - including a fantastic grant - and our work here, as well as a blessing for the teams due to serve. 

    Cambodia: Ask God to bring his hand of safety and comfort to the four teams about to embark on a 14-week campaign throughout 2019 to repair houses in Phnom Penh affected by monsoon flooding. Volunteers in November began the process of adding a 2nd storey to houses built by Mission Direct in the past to enable families to move upstairs during flooding as well as helping neighbours and friends. Pray for a long-term, sustainable solution to the flooding too. Teams will also help expand a school in a village in the suburbs of the city. The first team includes two GPs from the UK who will be providing medical support for many people who cannot access health care. Pray too for the six team leaders who will be supporting the volunteers and liaising with our Cambodian church partners.

    Sierra Leone: Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the spring teams due to a lack of interested volunteers. Please pray for wisdom and discernment for the team to know God's will for any decisions that arise around our work here. We pray for clarity, direction and God's favour for our campaigns in Sierra Leone - may He make the path straight.

    Kenya: Unfortunately, we have also had to cancel the spring team for Kenya due to a lack of interested volunteers and no staff team. Please pray for the later teams, that they would fill and projects can progress.

  • Malawi: Give thanks for Pauline and David who served with us for 9 years in Malawi to build a school for the remote Yawo people in Mdale village. The school is now complete - the region's first and only primary school - and will serve the children here as well as the surrounding 10 villages. Please give Jesus thanks for all of the volunteers who supported and came on trips to help make this happen. Pray also for our new project in Malawi this summer and for the faithful volunteers who have already signed up.

  • Pray to get Mission Direct into churches: We need more people to be talking to their churches and communities about their experience with Mission Direct. Please pray that volunteers would seek opportunities for us to join them in presenting their trip and our work to their church and that this would encourage support as well as more volunteers to be stirred up to help.

Monthly prayer updates

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