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Thank you for your prayers

Thank you for joining us in prayer. With our Father in heaven, all things are possible.

We would not be as effective in the work we do without your prayers; thank you for joining with us in this way. Please continue to pray for our work, our volunteers and those we are working with.

“We can do great things after we pray, but we cannot do great things until we pray – Let us pray!”

Current prayer points

  • Thanksgiving: Please join us in thanking God for our amazing partners around the world and for how they have continued to serve their communities during these tough times. We are thankful for our overseas staff who have remained in contact with the situations on the ground in their countries and who have continued to raise funds for local efforts to feed people.

  • Dominican Republic: We pray for the many people that make a living from recycling on the local rubbish dump. The number has increased a lot since lockdown and life will be very tough. We pray for all the people who go every few days to bring them food and to comfort them. We ask for Claire and Megan from GoMad, to be kept safe, and we give thanks for the birth of a baby girl to Mario Christophe, our translator in DR who also works for GoMad. We pray for Dave and Jean Melnick of the Samaritan Foundation, and for God to continue to bless their extensive feeding programme.

  • Uganda: We pray for the country as it is in a rigid lockdown with no passenger flights in or out of the country, road borders that are closed, closed schools, no public and private transport allowed, exercise restricted to home and a curfew between 7pm – 6.30am. We pray for all those who have lost their livelihood in Rukungiri as a result of business closures. Sadly, these people cannot expect any help from their government. We pray for all those on the front line including the Ugandan Ministry of Health, hospitals and village health centres, many working with limited personal protective equipment. We pray for God’s protection, stamina and peace. We pray that the numbers of people infected in Uganda will not rise significantly to the point at which the hospitals are unable to cope. We pray for all those thousands of people living in refugee camps in Uganda and the thousands who are living in crowded conditions in the slums of Kampala and other major towns. We pray for Mission Direct partners in Rukungiri. We pray that God will protect and sustain all those in the villages who rely on our partners for support. Please pray for the children and teachers of Rushararazi that God will provide and protect them, ensuring that they will have access to water and always some food on their plate. We pray for those who are away from home at this time, especially for missionaries who are locked down in Uganda and also for Ugandans who remain away outside the country and away from their families.

  • Kenya: Winner from Living Wells writes: “Life is becoming very difficult at Narok. Basic needs like food is becoming very difficult to put on the table. There is fear everywhere everyday there is new cases of virus. So far we don't have visitors at our Guest house so sad. Every one prefers to stay home. But we are told by the government to be alert!! We wash our hands with soap and water. Mask is compulsory at Narok Town if you found without mask you will pay fine. Visit market and supermarket social distance. Life has really changed completely for the children they don't go to school. We advise by the government not to travel but to stay at home but most people don't want to stay home. We pray that COVID-19 will come and go in Jesus name”.

  • Mission Direct: We thank God for the amazing generosity of our supporters who have already donated to our ABC+D Campaign ( Please bless them for their hearts and kindness which has brought us so much encouragement.

    We pray for more people to feel called to support this campaign to help us weather the current storm so that we can continue to serve those around the world who desperately need our help.

  • Each other: We pray for the protection of all of us during this pandemic. We pray for our partners and their beneficiaries so that they can continue to strengthen their communities and serve with love and kindness during tough times. We pray for the continued good health and faithfulness of staff and supporters as we join hands in prayer.

Monthly prayer updates

You can sign up for our regular monthly prayer updates. Just fill out your contact details and we will send you a few prayer points every month from around the world. Occasionally we may update you with any urgent prayer needs.

We will not share your details with anybody else.