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Thank you for your prayers

We would not be as effective in the work we do without your prayers; thank you for joining with us in this way. Please continue to pray for our work, our volunteers and those we are working with.

“We can do great things after we pray, but we cannot do great things until we pray – Let us pray!”

Current prayer points

  • Cambodia: We've already had two very successful teams working in Phnom Penh and now the third team is underway. Please pray that this will be a great experience for them and they will have a productive time.

    The area has suffered flooding, including our partners and the school, so please keep them in your prayers.

    Please also pray for ongoing plans for our next location in Cambodia, starting in 2021 as this will be our final year in Phnom Penh. We've served in Phnom Penh since 2007, and whilst we will continue to support and work with Serve Cambodia in the country, we leave many incredible relationships behind in Phnom Penh. Pray for their prosperity and to know Jesus' love for them.

    Please give thanks for Penny Elvin (team 4 will be the last she leads in Cambodia) and pray for the final team to be a huge success. Prayers for a few more volunteers to sign up would be appreciated.

  • The Gambia: Please pray for our upcoming trip to The Gambia - our second in this new location for MD. Please pray for their protection and wisdom. Thanksgiving for a second country staff member and prayers that she would have an incredible experience.

    Thanksgiving: About 2 weeks ago the lady that host the teams in her lodge became a Christian! God spoke to her through dreams and Jesus asked her whether she wanted to walk in the darkness or the light. She has had this dream a number of times, but this time responded to His call.
    She has attended different churches and is faithfully reading her bible. She is having discipleship and attending our pray / worship evenings at House of Skills (our project partner).

    Please pray for her. Even in this short few weeks she has become estranged by her family, has lost her gardener /caretaker and her husband is struggling to come to terms with her conversion. (He himself converted to Islam in order to marry her and he is now confused!!!)

  • Moldova: Pray for our partner Inge as she juggles her time between Moldova, Romania and the Netherlands.

    Thanks to God for increasing interest in our trips to Moldova - especially youth teams. 

    Please pray for another member of volunteer staff to join us for our July/August teams this year to help us facilitate short-term mission for others and help progress the project.

    We hope to be taking at least one youth group on one of these teams, so a staff member with experience with youth would be superb.

  • The Gambia: Our team travelling in March will be our second team following our pilot team at the end of 2019.

    Pray that the funds will be released by our partner's funders without any restrictions, so that work can begin on the much needed dormitories.

  • Kenya: Thanks be to God for a successful recce trip to Narok for Regional Manager Chris Ducker, who says, "it was so encouraging to see the projects and ministries of local churches there". Please pray for Pastor Robert and his work among street boys and impoverished women; our next few teams will be working with him and the Fountain of Life Church.

  • Zambia: Thanksgiving for Cry Community School - Head teacher Agness and the School Board are delighted to have been offered the new site, not far from the old school. The school is now up and running at their new rented site, though some children have not reported yet and may not know where the new school is – please pray for them. There is space for 4 classes – 2 in the hall, 2 in the covered shelter (which is having walls added to protect against the rains), meaning some grades come at lunchtime. Thanks to all who are supporting Cry School and have been praying for a new home!

  • Zambia Luampa: Please pray for our partners at the mission hospital here and the community they support. We have received disturbing reports of ritual abductions and killings, with people being drugged in their sleep and taken. There is a lot of fear for people here. Please pray for protection over them and for darkness to be banished in the name of Jesus.

  • Dominican Republic: Thanksgiving for a very successful recce trip by Regional Manager Simone Olagoke and Country Manager Ian Brown who have secured a renewed partnership with the Samaritan Foundation. From this summer our teams will be helping to build new homes for families living in poverty. You can read more about it on the Dominican Republic country page.

  • Funding: Please give thanks for the generosity of many supporters, who have helped us to reduce our 2019 deficit. Please pray for God's provision of £20,000 more to bridge the gap.

  • Summer Campaigns:
    We are in our final stages of planning our summer campaigns; please pray that all that we desire to do will bring glory and honour to God.

  • Coronavirus: Thanksgiving that our projects and partners have been largely unaffected and that teams have been able to run. Please pray for protection and wisdom for the leadership of MD. Pray that we can continue to run teams safely and projects can progress.

  • New staff teams: Pray for all those joining MD for the first time as staff team members, pray for their family and friends

  • Our volunteers: Pray for those serving with us to have a genuine sense of purpose as they serve across the various countries. Please pray for people to respond to God's call to short-term mission and stir them up to join a team.

Monthly prayer updates

You can sign up for our regular monthly prayer updates. Just fill out your contact details and we will send you a few prayer points every month from around the world. Occasionally we may update you with any urgent prayer needs.

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