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Thank you for your prayers

Thank you for joining us in prayer. With our Father in heaven, all things are possible.

We would not be as effective in the work we do without your prayers; thank you for joining with us in this way. Please continue to pray for our work, our volunteers and those we are working with.

“We can do great things after we pray, but we cannot do great things until we pray – Let us pray!”

Current prayer points

  • Building for the Future

     If God doesn’t build the house,
        the builders only build shacks.
    If God doesn’t guard the city,
        the night watchman might as well nap.
    It’s useless to rise early and go to bed late,
        and work your worried fingers to the bone.
    Don’t you know he enjoys giving rest to those he loves? 
    Psalm 127:1 The Message

    We are so thrilled and excited to have sent and be sending volunteers overseas to work on projects with our partners after such a long time.

    Our first team has just been to Narok, Kenya. They arrived home recently after working really hard for 2 weeks.

    It is fantastic to see the building taking shape but we know that without God their efforts are in vain. We must ensure that God is at the very centre of all we do. We must be led by Him in our decision making, please pray for guidance and for discernment for all MD staff. We pray for the people who will use the buildings in years to come, that it will be a real blessing to the community.

    It is not just buildings that are being built though, they also built a team; strangers coming together with a common purpose doing more together than they could ever do alone. They built a stronger partnership, making good on promises made establishes firm relationships with our partners. They built hope and a future for the girls who will be living in this house. And this is all built on a firm foundation of prayer with God as the cornerstone.

    We have much to be thankful for and yet much still to do. Please pray with us for the situations reported below. With God's help and yours we will surely make progress.

    We are so thankful to you for standing faithfully with us in prayer.

    As a staff team we meet weekly for devotions. We pray for each other, for the charity and for our partners and projects and would love to pray for you also. If you have any prayer requests, please email them to and we will be delighted to pray for you.

    Thank you for faithfully praying with us.

    God Bless you

  • Simone Olagoke - Regional Manager at Mission Direct

    Simone is finding her way back to work, arriving back just as things became very busy with teams travelling again. we are so thankful to God for her return.

    It is so good to have her back, we really need her expertise and experience. Praise God that she is well enough to work although not at full capacity. Please pray for increasing levels of energy and stamina.

    She is currently recovering from covid and we pray that there would be no lasting impact from the virus.

    Please pray with us as we continue to ask God for a complete and miraculous healing from cancer.

    Pray also for Simone's family and for some refreshment and relaxation over the summer.

  • Rukungiri, Uganda

    Pray for the team volunteers as they prepare their minds and hearts for the trip ahead of them
    Pray as volunteers as they continue fundraising for the main project constructing a kitchen block at Rushararazi Primary School. The kitchen is not only for the teachers but also to make a provision for the children to have a snack or drink at lunchtime. This will be a first for schools in this area. 
    Pray for those who might consider giving towards these projects. Let it be a spontaneous wish to give abundantly.
    Pray for a strong staff team as they prepare and run each trip
    Pray for travel between countries to be free from disruption and delay
    Pray for all those key partners in-country that both they and us will continue to work in full cooperation and collaboration, and in Love in order to bring the best possible program to our teams
    Pray for the project funds of £16,000 to be reached by October
    Pray for Rushararazi Primary School as they prepare to receive our teams.  

  • Jim Johnston

    Jim is the husband of our Volunteer Manager Jackie. He contracted Covid in March and after initially only suffering mild symptoms he became very unwell. He was in hospital for many weeks including several weeks in ITU.

    Jim and Jackie thank you for your prayers. Jim continues to make good progress after a secondary pneumonia infection which saw him in hospital again in July. It is very frustrating for Jim who is keen to return his previous active lifestyle

    Please pray for continued healing and improved lung function in the coming weeks and months.

  • Kumi, Uganda

    Please Pray
    For our team of volunteers currently in country and building the teachers accommodation at Kumi Primary School. Pray that they will bless and be blessed on the trip. For unity, strength and a sense of shared purpose for the team.
    Giving thanks for safe travel and praying for a safe return home.
    Please pray for the teacher's accommodation to be a real blessing to the school attracting and keeping good quality teachers; and for the teachers who will live there. 
    Pray for Jan and Richard Bacon as they lead the team, giving thanks for their dedication to the people of Kumi.

  • Narok, Kenya

    Overseas staff and a team of volunteers have just returned from Narok.

    Give thanks for a successful team, working hard despite the lost time in flight delays at the beginning of the campaign.
    Praise God they returned home safely and that the house for some of the rescued Masai girls was completed to roof level.
    Pray for the girls who will live there and for extra sponsorship for those girls waiting to go to school.
    Pray also for Patrick and Josephine N’Gigi who are looking to raise funds themselves for the ongoing costs of looking after around 60 girls.

  • Dominican Republic

    We are excited for a Team to be going to DR this month.

    Please pray

    For the team to experience God in fresh or meaningful ways through their service.
    That each team member feels they were able to use their gifts.
    That the house that gets built is a blessing to the family that will live there.
    That the partnerships between Mission Direct, Samaritan Foundation and GoMAD are strengthened and renewed after a few years of not being there
    That there is no disruption to the flights and journey.
    That the ministry visits bless everyone involved

  • Dylan Healey

    Please pray for Dylan who grew up in Godmanchester Baptist Church. He is a principled and servant hearted young man and was a volunteer on a Mission Direct Trip to Zimbabwe in 2018.
    Dylan is one of two British volunteers providing humanitarian assistance in Ukraine who have been captured by the Russian military.
    Dylan has since been charged with being a mercenary. Sadly the aid worker also captured with him has reportedly died. The situation is very grave. and we pray for Dylan's release .
    Please pray for his health and safety and for his swift return to the UK and for comfort for his family at this very difficult time.

  • Resuming travel:

    Mission trips are going ahead again as I type.  We are so thankful to God that we have been able to book fights and arrange insurance. Please pray for minimal travel disruption and for all baggage to arrive as expected. 

    Office Staff:

    Hybrid working and virtual meetings are second nature now but as a small team we are still unable to meet all together in person. Please pray for unity, good communication  and effective team working as this situation continues. The summer period is difficult for a such a small team with holidays, illness and mission trips shrinking staff numbers so please pray for resilience.
    We are so grateful for all that our Overseas Staff do, we know we absolutely couldn't manage without them.  Please pray for us all as we support each other in new ways.

    Our volunteers:

    We thank God that teams are travelling again. Please continue to pray for the volunteers who are preparing to travel and for their fundraising efforts.
    We pray for the teams to bond and work well together.
    Pray also for those who have returned that reverse culture shock would not be too painful and that their experiences will be positive, inspirational and motivational.

  • Paul Holbrook

    Paul is our new Chair of Trustees and is currently cycling Coast to Coast across America.
    He set off from Oregon hoping to arrive in New Hampshire in mid-September. He has now completed the hard climbs and is looking forward to a flatter road to the finish

    He will be raising much needed funds for Mission Direct as he cycles and you can keep up with his journey through his justgiving page.

    This will be the experience of a lifetime but will be physically and emotionally challenging so please pray for Paul and his 3 friends. One of his fellow cyclists suffered an accident and is unable to cycle currently due to a broken shoulder and ribs, please pray that they will now remain accident and injury free.

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