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Staff Vacancies

Ways you can get involved!

We rely on a team of permanent staff and volunteers to ensure the smooth running of Mission Direct and our trips around the world. If you are excited by what we do, why not see if we have any vacancies that suit you?

UK Staff

Occasionally, we recruit for our UK head office in Hitchin, Herts, so keep your eye on our page if you’re interested in working with us. Roles vary from volunteer management, finance and admin to marketing and country/regional management.

Overseas Staff

Our overseas projects and two-week mission trips are run by volunteers. Each and every one of our incredible team members are self-funded to cover their personal costs in-country and have had their lives changed by the experience of seeing lives transform before them. Which country would you like to support?

Current Openings

Moldova 2020 Staff Team

Moldova is the poorest nation in Europe and has suffered mass migration over recent years, damaging the economy even further. Many parents leave the country for better work opportunities, leaving children with grandparents. Many of these young people suffer abuse and neglect, with many (especially) girls becoming vulnerable to sex trafficking and forced prostitution. We've been working in Moldova for many years now, helping to build safe houses for young girls at risk.

In 2019, we embarked on a new project to refurbish buildings that will be used by disabled children and their families as accommodation during summer camp. These families will stay for about a week, where social workers can observe the families and assess their needs. We're recruiting a new staff team member to support our country manager with this exciting new project into 2020.

Team dates: 26 July - 8 August | 16 - 29 August (You will need to travel a few days before the team arrives and a day after they leave)

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Rukungiri, Uganda 2020 Staff Team

In 2018, we launched a new campaign in Rukungiri, venturing 25 miles north of Rukungiri Town to a small, rural community in the village of Rushararazi. As soon as you enter the village, the need is tangible. Children are in rags, the community water tower is empty and crops have failed for the last few harvests. On top of this, the school is dilapidated and in need of repair and rebuild. In 2019, we built 3 new classrooms, a water tower and a new bathing block at the school. We now need to help build accommodation for teachers to ensure that this rural village school can attract and retain good educators for their children.

Help us by becoming the staff team for our 2020 campaign, helping to build new facilities as well as a new rainwater-harvesting tower to provide a lifeline to this community and help them to change their future. You would need to be able to commit to travel a few days before the teams start and leave after they finish. We require one person to cover all three teams or two/.three different people to cover a tea each.

Team dates: 4 - 18 July | 25 July - 8 August | 15 August - 29 August | 

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Staff Team- Brazil 2020

We work in two locations in Brazil - Campo Largo and Rio de Janeiro, helping vulnerable people in the favelas to achieve the dream of a new home outside of the gang-led favela as well as providing support to upskill and educate children living in the favela to open opportunities and change the mindset that the only way to earn a living is in drug trafficking and gangs. Come and support our experienced country managers and get under Brazil's skin. See the real country, build deeper relationships and help impact the lives of vulnerable people here. 

Team dates:   25 Apr - 09 May 2020 / 07 Nov - 21 Nov 2020 / 16 Oct - 30 Oct 2021 (You will need to travel a few days before the team arrives and leave a day or two after they leave)

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Zimbabwe 2020 Staff Team x2

Though we began work in Zimbabwe in 2010, our current project began in 2012, partnering with the United Baptist Church in Muatre. For 20 years prior, the local authority were unable to build any new schools due to a lack of funding. In 2012, our 8-year campaign started to build a school here, Joshua Dhube School, with the aim of building 17 classrooms to educate over 1000 pupils. The project is well established and is a tangible representation of serving hearts and the love of God in action. Come and be a part of the staff team for our 2020 campaign, helping to run two volunteer teams in the summer. 2020 team dates:  25 July - 8 August | 15 -29 August. (You will need to travel a few days before the first team and stay until the day after the last team)

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