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Bishop of St Albans’ Harvest Appeal Launch 2015

On Tuesday 5th May 2015, the Bishop of St Alban’s launched his annual Harvest Appeal for 2015. This year, the money that is raised will be going toward Kitazigurukwa School that we are working with in Rukungiri, Uganda. It aims to build two more classrooms and two new dormitories, so that children with different abilities can have an education and learn alongside others.

We were fortunate to be at the launch and are excited to see the partnership between the St Albans and Rukungiri Diocese grow. The day started at a nearby primary school where the Bishop of St Alban’s, Rt Revd Dr Alan Smith, held an assembly to tell the children about Moses, a boy who currently attends the school in Rukungiri. The children also got to meet Catherine Robinson, a local, medal winning kayaker, who talked to them about how her physical restrictions have not put a limit on what she is capable of doing. Catherine was a great inspiration for the children.

They then played games with parachutes. During the games, the children had different restrictions in place, such as only using one arm, and were set many challenges. They witnessed first-hand how difficult some basic things could be for the children in Uganda.

At the end of the assembly, each child was given a carton of pineapple juice, a fruit that is grown all over Uganda.

The launch then moved to Dunstable Leisure Centre where Bishop Richard, of Bedford, gave a talk to the Dunstable and District Disabled Sports (DADDS) group that was meeting that afternoon. Bishop Richard and Alan McCormick, Mission Direct’s CEO, were then thrown into a competitive match of wheelchair football.

It was a fantastic day launching the Bishop of St Albans’ Harvest Appeal for 2015. A day which highlighted the importance of building the school in Rukungiri, Uganda so that it can give children like Moses the future they dream of.

You can get involved and visit Kitazigurukwa School to see its importance in the Rukungiri community. Join us on a trip to help build the dormitories and classrooms and meet Moses along with other children who are already learning at the school. Contact us to know more or find out the dates of our trips by clicking here.

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