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Mission Trip Fundraising Ideas: 10 Ways to Raise Money for Your Trip

Have you been mulling over the idea of taking part in a mission trip? It’s an incredible experience and something to be proud of – but it may seem daunting to raise enough funds to cover the cost of your trip. However, don’t let this hurdle get in the way of you joining a mission group and bringing hope and tangible change to communities in need – you may just need to get creative in how you raise funds!

We’ve put together 10 fun and easy ideas for your next fundraising initiative. Be sure to check out our fundraising resources page as well for printable flyers, other fun ideas and more.

Use a crowdfunding site

Sites like GoFundMe are great platforms to call for donations and efficiently monitor any money received; Causes is a similar crowdfunding site specifically tailored to non-profits, where you can build your profile and share your requests with friends, leaders & communities ready to help you. Take some time when drafting your backstory so that readers get a real understanding of why you want them to donate to this cause. You could even post a list of goals you personally hope to achieve by taking part in the trip – and remember to follow up with thanks and some photos of your trip as a way of thanking your supporters.

Host a tasty fundraiser

Macmillan cancer research uses this model very well. Call on your friends, colleagues, and your community as a whole to don their aprons and put their ovens to good use. Auction off cake slices to enjoy with a tasty brew or reach for your highest bid for a whole cake or pudding. Not only are you rallying your community behind you while building solid friendships and connections, but you’re making delicious treats that go towards an exceptional cause, too.

Viral challenges

Whether you’re up to the challenge of a viral dance, or something silly like the #ToiletPaperChallenge where you use a loo roll to do keepy-uppy’s, why not use it as an opportunity to call for donations?

You could use each donation benchmark as a key to unlock a new challenge you’ll participate in – for example – for every £100 you receive you’ll do a new dance. Before you know it, you’ll have reached your target and have a load of fun while doing it!

Host a quiz night

Fire up the competitive side of your supporters by hosting a quiz night. Charge a small admission fee per person, or work in collaboration with the venue to donate a percent of proceeds they receive for each meal sold during the event. Tailor your quiz theme and add some quirks that could help you reach your target faster – for example – anyone caught using their mobile phone during the quiz owes the quizmaster £10.

Hired Hand

Do you have a unique talent or skill that could help you raise funds for your trip? Why not auction yourself off to help out a community group or local business, and get sponsored for every hour of work you complete? Approach local businesses for sponsorships, or even ask a friend who owns their own business. Remember to say thanks to all your supporters and keep your audience updated on your donation totals as often as possible.

Arrange a book sale

Pop a piece of paper through your neighbours’ letterboxes and create some eye-catching signposts – then hold your own book sale. Encourage people to get involved through book donations as well as monetary donations, and remember to have some information to hand about the trip you’re raising money for, and what benefits such a trip can have for underprivileged communities.

Organise a car wash

Take advantage of sunny days and rally some friends and family to help towards your fundraising goal. Make some bold signposts you can draw some attention with, and charge a small fee for each car that’s washed. Raise awareness for your cause with customised t-shirts that tell your car wash customers what they’re helping to raise funds for. Promote your fundraiser on local community groups, or print out some flyers to invite your neighbours out to a fun day.


The Movember movement started in Australia all the way back in 2003 as a way to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancers. Having raised around $21 million ten years on from their launch, this demonstrates what a great way this is of gathering funds. Why not call for support by volunteering to shave your head, spray it a funky colour or simply grow a moustache after reaching your donation goal? Don’t forget the pictures!

Donations in lieu of gifts

Is your birthday coming up soon? Instead of gifts, why not ask for your friends and family to donate towards your mission trip fundraising campaign? Facebook has a handy feature that allows you to gather funds around your birthday for other organisations – and you could create your own call to action posted on your social feeds asking your connections and followers to do the same.

Auction off luxury items

Do you own a pair of luxury shoes, a handbag or perhaps an item of clothing once worn by a celebrity? Look to have the item valued and call for bids starting at its lowest value. You could even look around the house for forgotten appliances that could attract some attention – like a vintage toaster, perhaps a KitchenAid mixer or the likes.

No matter how you go about raising the funds to support you on your upcoming mission trip, the life experience you’ll gain will only be outmatched by the real differences you make to disadvantaged communities.

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