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The money hurdle

We know that the biggest obstacle for people looking to come on a trip with us is the money hurdle. Despite being all-inclusive and less than market rate, the figures can still seem very daunting at first glance.

So, we have introduced a new way to pay. You now have the option to pay in monthly instalments by direct debit to break down the cost month-by-month. You can set how much you pay each month and make a final payment at the end if you wish, as long as your full contribution is paid before your trip.

Contact us to find out more – or, if this has been your only reservation, apply for a trip today!

You can also add funds to your contribution by shopping online through Easyfundraising. Set a donation reminder with them and when you shop online – for almost anything – they will remind you to activate your account and the retailer will make a free donation from your purchase that costs you nothing!


  1. I am still very interested but what the figures are regading each misson datws they are occurring.

    Could you provide me with this information so that i can make some forward planning.

    Kibd regards

    • Hi
      Which trip are you interested in and I’ll happily send you all the information you need 🙂

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