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Trip brochure 2019

It’s here! Our trips ‘Go’ brochure for 2019.

Take a look at all of our trips for 2019 and spring 2020 – where will you go? 2019 is an exciting year, with new projects, new locations and even more than ever to experience. Download the brochure


  • Dominican Republic: We’ll be working with Go Mad at a new location in the small community of Mozovi, helping to build more classrooms for children here who currently don’t get full-time access to education. 
  • Malawi: With the school complete in the Yawo community, our work is moving in 2019 to a small village near Lake Malawi, where children currently walk 4 miles to school, only to be turned away if they are even a minute late, facing a 4 mile trek back home – resulting in many children not going at all. We’ll be building the village their own school here! Be a part of the very first team in July!
  • Moldova: New project! We’ll be working to refurbish buildings that were abandoned after the soviet withdrawal over 20 years ago. These will be used by disabled children and their families as accommodation for summer camps, where social workers observe them and assess their needs with a view to providing ongoing help. 
  • Sierra Leone: New location! In 2018, we moved to a new location with new partners in Sierra Leone. Working in Regent Village, where the 2017 mudslide took place, we’ve started to renovate damaged classrooms as well as help to build new facilities to enable children here to have an education. 
  • Uganda, Rukungiri: New project! In 2018, we started work on a new campaign in Rukungiri about 25 miles north of the town in a rural village called Rushararazi. Staff here reported that when they discovered the community, the need was obvious and heartbreaking. We’re working here to build classrooms to help give children an education as well as building a rainwater harvesting tower that will serve the entire community. 


Take a look and try to decide where to go! It won’t be easy! 



  1. Looking forward to another Mission Direct trip!
    Kindly send 2019 brochure.
    Thank you

  2. Hi Baz – so sorry – have fixed the issue now and you should be able to download.

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