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Greetings & Gift Cards

Mission Direct Gift Cards are the perfect alternative gift for Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries, or simply to say ‘thank you’. All you do is choose something you want to buy for one of our projects. We will send you a high quality gift card, giving details of the gift that you have just bought on behalf of the person receiving the card. You simply write who the card is to and send it to them. The entire amount donated for each gift goes to the project.

E-Cards are emailable Christmas Cards

These are sent to you as an A4 PDF, so that you can send them in place of posted cards to as many people as you wish.  The greeting on the card will read:

With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year

from ………………………………………………..

who have purchased the above gifts on behalf of their family and friends as an alternative to buying and sending Christmas cards.

Contact Marian Welham to let her know the name(s) of the people sending the card.

 01636 813390 –