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Babarah Banda and her husband, Benson, who is a pastor, often come across people who are sick when they make pastoral visits. Having experienced a similar project in the previous place she had lived, Babarah began Agape Home-based Care in October 2008. Care givers train with the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ), a training recognized by the Ministry of Health, and there are now 10 care givers and 2 counsellors, who demonstrate the love of Christ in this practical way.

Sick and needy people, some of whom live in isolated villages, are visited up to twice a week. In addition to personal care, food and blankets are given, and transport to clinics (up to 2 hours’ walk away) is arranged when necessary.

The contact and care – often the only care and visiting received – is greatly appreciated by the individuals and families visited by the care givers.

Please note – card images are updated every year and may not be representative of that shown. £1 will be added to the price of each card to cover our costs.

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Hygiene pack – Soap, washing powder, toothpaste, toothbrush, antiseptic, chlorine (to purify water) – £6.00, Food – Maize flour – £10.00, Care kit – Latex gloves, plastic apron, towel, soap, paracetamol, plasters, bandages – £10.00, Blanket – £15.00, Food for a home for 1 week – Beans, kapenta (dried fish), cooking oil, sugar, salt – £25.00, eCard – 2 Care kits – £20.00, Food for a home for 1 month – Beans, kapenta (dried fish), cooking oil, sugar, salt – £100.00


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