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Chilli Children Project Gift Cards


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This Diocesan project is managed by Evas, who is a qualified Occupational Therapist. The dedicated members of the small project team have helped to rehabilitate approximately 5,000 disabled children in the rural areas around Rukungiri. 2,000 families grow chillies as part of this ‘Chilli Children Project’ programme.

The programmes run by the project are:

  • Learning Life Skills Clinic for children who need physiotherapy and occupational therapy
  • Club Foot Clinic for infants with club feet
  • Surgery for children with correctable deformities
  • School for the Hearing Impaired
  • Chilli Growing programme to generate income for families of disabled or orphaned children

The staff at the Project also help chronically sick or disabled children in other ways as much as money will allow. This includes: help with epilepsy drugs, providing hand-trikes, wheelchairs, etc.

The project is funded entirely through voluntary donations.

Please note – card images are updated every year and may not be representative of that shown. £1 will be added to the price of each card to cover our costs.

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Food for a malnourished child for 1 month – £15.50, Sturdy shoes for a child who has difficulty walking – £13.00, Wooden made-to-order special chair for disabled child – £31.00, Wheelchair, specially designed for rough terrain – £220.00, 1 treatment for child with club foot – £11.00, Abduction (foot brace) to maintain corrected position after treatment for club foot – £5.50, 3 nights of care at CoRSU hospital for child undergoing surgery – £11.00, Ambulance for children to Mbarara to see a neurologist – £49.50, Outpatient X-ray for child at CoRSU hospital – £5.50, Chilli seedlings, watering cans and equipment for a family – £15.50, e-Card – Travel for carer and child with cleft lip to have surgery – £22.00


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