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Many of the suburbs surrounding the capital of Lusaka are shanty towns, where people live in extreme poverty. One such area is Chaisa Compound, with over 30,000 inhabitants, where Kumbayah Ministries is based. Education gives the children there the best chance to earn a living when they mature, and thereby escape poverty.

Eleven years ago, Amos Lwabila, a local elder, had the ruins of a tavern rebuilt. He and his wife Ketty (a nursing sister) began Kumbayah Ministries, running a school, home-based care, literacy class, senior citizens and youth work, and feeding programme. All who work with Kumbayah Ministries demonstrate the love of Christ in both word and action. A trust in the UK provided funds that enabled Mission Direct volunteers to build a new 4-classroom school nearby.

Almost 600 children attend the school in two shifts each day. 77 families who have no income, either with no parents, or having only a grandparent, are given food for weekends, too.

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Socks and pants – 2 pairs of each – £4.00, 35 Exercise books – £30.00, First Aid supplies: bandages, plasters, antiseptic, paracetamol – £7.50, Teacher’s text book (pre-grade to grade 7) – £10.00, Basic food for a meal for 600 children – maize flour – £20.00, Food for special families for weekends & school holidays – 1bag of maize flour – £10.00, 50 pens – £11.00, Uniform – trousers & shirt / skirt & blouse and shoes – £18.00, School fees for 10 children for one month – £30.00, e-Card – Basic food for a meal for 600 children – maize flour – £20.00, Teacher’s allowance for one month – £70.00


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