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Kumi Cohad Gift Cards


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The charity Kumi COHAD is building 40 homes to create an orphan village at Kanyum, 15km outside Kumi. The village is modelled on the Watoto communities in Kampala, where each house becomes home to eight orphans and a housemother, providing a safe haven in a loving family environment. Mission Direct have partnered with COHAD for the past four years and helped complete the first cluster of ten houses. COHAD provides food, education and healthcare for the children in their care, and as more housemothers are recruited and the houses filled with more orphans, the challenge to fund COHAD increases. Mission Direct are fully supportive of the COHAD aim of self-sustainability, and to this end have also funded and built a piggery (2011) and a cow shelter (2012). In time, these initiatives will help sustain COHAD, but right now the need for help with the expenses of daily living and nurturing the orphans in the first cluster is real. A school uniform, a Bible, a trip to the health centre, or a gift for the wonderful house mothers can all be funded through these gift cards.

Please note, £1 will be added to the price of each card to cover our costs

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Malaria treatment for a child – £5.00, School uniform – £10.00, School Bag – £5.00, Gift for 4 House Mothers (£10 each) – £40.00, Bible for a child – £5.00, Tools for gardening – £10.00, Wheelbarrow – £25.00, Utensils for a house – £15.00, School fees for a year – £300.00, e-Card – Malaria treatment for a child, a school uniform, and a Bible – £20.00, A child at COHAD sponsored for a year – £200.00, 18 metres of 12′ high chain-link fencing – £65.00, 2 fence posts with concrete bases – £25.00


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