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Occasionally around Kumi we see the bright yellow shorts and shirts of the prisoners from Kumi Prison. Lawrence Ochoke, the Governor, heads a prison where the prisoners are respected and referred to as his brothers and sisters in Christ and in their shared humanity.

Please note – card images are updated every year and may not be representative of that shown. £1 will be added to the price of each card to cover our costs.

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24 Exercise books + pens / pencils – £10.00, Bible in Ateso and English – £5.00, Contribution to food at Christmas – £5.00, Blanket – £10.00, Educational / Documentary DVDs – £10.00, e-Card A blanket & 6 jerry cans- £20.00, Pack of 5 mosquito Nets – £25.00, 5 Jerry Cans for carrying water – £10.00, E-Card: A blanket & 5 jerry cans – £20.00,


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