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Occasionally around Kumi we see the bright yellow shorts and shirts of the prisoners from Kumi Prison. Sam Edotu, the Governor, heads a prison where the prisoners are respected and referred to as his brothers and sisters in Christ and in their shared humanity. Last summer, some Mission Direct volunteers were able to visit the prison and take part in their afternoon worship, which was the highlight of the trip for several individuals. The prison church ministry and school are desperate for basic items to further the education and spiritual well being of the 180 inmates, and anything given will be well used and appreciated.

Please note, £1 will be added to the price of each card to cover our costs

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24 Exercise books + pens / pencils – £10.00, Bible in Ateso and English – £5.00, Contribution to food at Christmas – £5.00, Blanket – £10.00, Educational / Documentary DVDs – £10.00, e-Card A blanket & 6 jerry cans- £20.00, Pack of 10 mosquito Nets – £25.00, 6 Jerry Cans for carrying water – £10.00


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