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Kumi Bazaar is a state school on the edge of Kumi.  Nearly one thousand children are crammed into seven classrooms and many sit on the floor because there are not enough desks.  As usual, there are not enough resources and children often miss tests because they cannot afford the fees.  There is also a shortage of teachers’ accommodation, with one classroom being used as living space.  

Mission Direct have built two classrooms in 2017 and are likely to repeat that in 2018.  We would also like to build a new teachers’ home to release a further classroom.  Christine, the Head Teach, and all her staff are dedicated to the children, and the school is well run despite lack of resources.

Please note – card images are updated every year and may not be representative of that shown. £1 will be added to the price of each card to cover our costs.

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School lunches for a child for one term – £10.00, 24 exercise books + pens / pencils – £10.00, School uniform – £10.00, School desk – £30.00, Set of text books – £60.00, Educational posters and maps – £10.00, Remedial catch-up tuition for a pupil for one term – £15.00, Cost of attending a performance festival – £50.00, E-Card: School lunches for a child for 1 term, 24 exercise books. pens/pencils – £20.00,


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