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Regular Giving

Why are regular donations so important?

All donations make a difference, but regular donations help us spend more time on our ministry of helping others and less time on fundraising because it helps us to plan ahead. In these uncertain times, we are still not able to do our core work of sending teams where most of our funding comes from. We have done everything we can so far to responsibly and faithfully steward our finances, including using the soon-to-end government furlough scheme and cutting all non-essential expenditure. We have also, sadly, been forced to reduce our team, and those that remain have taken pay cuts. We are therefore asking you to consider making a regular donation to help us at this critical time.

Despite not sending many teams in 2020, we have continued to make a difference to some of the poorest people. In Zambia, to take one country as an example, we have continued to support schools and community groups while lockdowns have had a significant impact there. Children in exam years have continued to attend school, but the schools themselves have seen their financial situations severely affected. We completed the building of the science labs at Garden Hill School, supported teachers’ salaries at Garden Hill, Kri Community and Kumbaya schools, provide lunches for pupils at Crown of Life, Kri Community and Kumbaya schools, and installed a water tank at the Kiine School in Chamba Valley. We also support individual families through our local community partners.

Many of our supporters are motivated to support specific projects or partners, which is really important. What we are asking for now, is for you to support us regularly with unrestricted donations so that Mission Direct itself can continue doing its work of coordinating, supporting, safeguarding, training and capacity building – as a Christian Mission organisation, and as one more light in this world.

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Please support our ministry by setting up a regular donation below. If you are unable to do so, please still consider making a one-off gift.

Thank you and God bless.

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