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Medical and Healthcare

Share your skills and make a huge difference

Are you an experienced medical professional? Could you spare a fortnight? Hospitals and clinics in Africa want to learn from you. We arrange your fortnight’s programme, including a placement where your skills can make the biggest impact.

Trip Dates

  • 17 Aug – 31 Aug 2019
  • 25 Oct – 10 Nov 2019
  • 18 Jan – 01 Feb 2020
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Whether you’re a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, therapist, or healthcare professional in a hospital or community setting, you can make a lasting difference to local people in Africa and Asia. You don’t have to be an experienced trainer of others – it’s all about the expertise you have and take for granted. The health workers you partner with haven’t had the same level of clinical training and are eager to learn from you. But this will happen naturally in the course of a working day together.

Your Placement

We want to make the very best of your time overseas. For this reason we will arrange a placement, tailored to your personal skills and experience. If you have any particular skill sets let us know when you book your trip.

Your time in Cambodia will be spent immersed in the community alongside the main building team where you will support local health-care workers, sharing knowledge and assisting those in need. 

In Zambia, you will stay and work at a mission hospital in Luampa. This hospital will give you a raw view of medical care capability when you have very little in terms of resources, equipment and medication and will stay in your heart forever. The impact you can have here in 2 weeks will stay in theirs.

Rest and Relaxation

Because you have given up two weeks of your time, we want you to have some fun too. Each trip has a day or so of sightseeing – in Cambodia, you'll visit Angkor Wat Temple and other historical sites; in Luampa, you'll have some reflection time at Queen Elizabeth National Park and Victoria Falls.

Trip Dates

Kenya 2019 (Narok) – Team 3 NEW PROJECT

17 Aug - 31 Aug 2019


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Zambia (Luampa medical) 2019 – Team 6

25 Oct - 10 Nov 2019

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Cambodia Phnom Penh 2020 – Team 1 (incl. Medical)

18 Jan - 01 Feb 2020


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Zambia (Luampa medical) 2020 – Team 6

27 Sep - 11 Oct 2020


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You only have to give a £150 deposit to your trip contribution upfront

Orientation and Reunion days

Orientation days and reunion days are included to help you get the most from your trip.

Orientation Day

Reunion Day

16 Nov 2019

09 May 2020

14 Nov 2020