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Volunteer with IT skills in Africa (Rewired)

Rewired has been working with Mission Direct since a first trial trip in 2011.  Since then we have run trips every year, except for 2012, for one or two weeks.  Rewired Africa is a group of individuals who support the work of Mission Direct with specialist IT skills – giving children in school access to computers and the digital world.

The Governments of Zambia and Zimbabwe recently introduced a national curriculum for Information Technology which means that every child should learn both the theory behind IT as well as the practical skills.

As part of the exam they need to sit a practical paper which would involve creating spreadsheets, documents and presentations.  In order to do this the schools need access to computers and the majority of schools don’t have them.

The Government is supposedly taking the lead in providing equipment to the Government schools, but unfortunately they are not going to be supporting the community schools – which is where Rewired comes in.

So far we have taken 5 teams to Zambia and installed around 300 computers in total.  These have been spread over 20 schools and outreach projects for vulnerable children.

Trip Dates

Is this for me?

Our vision is to enable African children to share in the Information Technology revolution.  IT is important for Africa, because the West is moving so quickly technologically and rapidly leaving disadvantaged communities and countries behind, widening the gap between the Developed countries and the Developing ones such as Africa.

We need to ensure this gap does not get any bigger, by giving African children the skills to develop the use of the IT revolution in their own countries.

If you are a professional in the IT sector - or have a passion and strong talent in technology - and have a heart to share this knowledge to help vulnerable children improve their futures, then this trip is designed for you.

Your Placement

Over your two weeks in Africa you can expect to:

  • Install desktop computers in schools and other learning environments in vulnerable community schools
  • Problem solving
  • Setting up local networks
  • Running IT skills workshops for teachers
  • Spending time in the classrooms with the children and teachers
  • You’ll also spend some afternoons with the main Mission Direct volunteer team visiting and supporting local community projects in Zambia or Zimbabwe - such as a feeding programme for children and outreach to street children. Our volunteers always feedback that this is the most impacting part of their trip that stays in their hearts forever.

Rest and Relaxation

Zambia: During the trip there will be enough time off to enjoy some ‘Classic Africa’ experiences, including a safari and a visit to the magnificent Victoria Falls.

Zimbabwe: You will be visiting a game park whose purpose is to save the rhinos from poachers - you might get to meet Tatenda the Rhino who starred in a television documentary. Enjoy lunch with the elephants and rhinos and experience an African sunset over the waterhole, before returning for a spectacular three course meal.

Trip Dates

Zambia 2023 – Team 1

01 Jul - 15 Jul 2023


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