Specialist Volunteering Mission Trips 2020 & 2021 | Mission Direct
Whether you’re a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, therapist, or healthcare professional in a hospital or community setting, you can make a lasting difference to local people in Africa and Asia.
If you’re an educational worker – of any kind – you have a very valuable gift to give. Teachers in Cambodia, Uganda and Sierra Leone have had little or no training and sharing your expertise could help shape the future of hundreds of children.
Every country we work within would welcome IT training and equipment with open arms and joyful hearts. Speak to us if you have skills you would like to share in-country. We work with a partner called Re-Wired, who bring reconditioned equipment from the UK to schools across Africa.

Tailoring trips for other skills

If you have a skill set that you feel would be helpful to a project please let us know and we will tailor make a trip to best fit the skills that you can offer.

Tell us about your skills